Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Redesign Completed & Here’s What it Looks Like!

We haven’t forgotten the fact that Samsung Galaxy Fold ended up to be a complete disaster. It has been a few months since when Samsung announced to be working on fixing their Fold, but now it appears that the phone has been fixed and we have a new completely revamped Samsung Galaxy Fold on the view.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Redesign is Completed & Here’s What it Looks Like

While the rumors are still circulating regarding the release date of Samsung Galaxy Fold, it has been claimed that the South Korean Giant just completed the redesign of their first foldable phone recently. For those who don’t know, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was due to hit the market shelves in April, but their embarrassing screen failures delayed their release. Now it has emerged that the company is in the final stages of producing a commercial version that is heard to be released before holidays.

Samsung Galaxy Fold's Redesign Completed & Here's What it Looks Like!

So want to know what this redesign is all about? How does the revamped Samsung galaxy Fold look like? We have got everything covered in the post below.

Although it is unclear what actually have been done to fix the screen issues with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, several rumors have been reported that the phone is going to be exactly what it was imagined. It is not confirmed that what Samsung has altered to prevent debris and dirt from going inside the Fold’s screen, but it has been suggested that Samsung has made the protective film permanent in the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold's Redesign Completed & Here's What it Looks Like!

As a matter of fact, it was thought by some journalists and generic tech YouTubers that the protective film in the Samsung Galaxy Fold is just going to be a screen protector, but Samsung reportedly stretched the protective film to wrap around the entire screen and into the outer bezels, making it much harder to peel off. Moreover, the handset is also tipped that makes the gaps smaller, surrounding the hinge, thereby aiming to reduce the amount of debris that can get under the Samsung Fold’s OLED display and compromise the user experience. What’s more to the redesign is its hinge thing that has been re-done creating a nearly invisible “protrusion” that may reduce the chance of a crease developing in the middle of the screen.

Although the phone was rumored to be launched in April, in a recent interview, the co-CEO of the company, DJ Koh confessed that Samsung tried to launch its first foldable phone before it was ready and that results in the embarrassing screen malfunctions and situations.

However, with its rumored completed redesign, it is expected that Samsung is going to start shipping its components like Battery and the display to a plant in Vietnam for assembly. Moreover, the company hasn’t given a launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold up till now and it is unlikely to be debuted at the upcoming unpacking event in New York on August 7th, 2019. Instead, it will focus on the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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