Samsung Galaxy Fold Launched in USA Last Month, Americans Are Loving It!

We all know, Samsung has always been focusing on pioneering the next generation of mobile innovation. The South Korean Giant has always been taking the smartphone technology to the next level by introducing futuristic technology in the Android devices before anyone else.

Be it the S-Pen technology or Foldable phones. And as we are talking about the Foldable Phones from Samsung Electronics, Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone device that made its way to the States, last month.

Loved by Most Americans, Recently Launched Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launched in USA Last Month, Americans Are Loving It!

Yeah, you have heard it right. The very phones launched in the United States on the 27th of September, 2019 on the day of Friday. The phone was launched in two different versions – one meant for AT&T network and the other one fully unlocked that can work with any American carrier. You can buy both these versions of Samsung Galaxy Fold from Best Buy as well as Samsung Experience Stores.

Since the first Fold phones didn’t go as expected, so Samsung engineered the Galaxy Fold with completely new materials and technology. This explains why this flagship still costs as much as it does, in the market. And why not? This flagship device functions as both – smartphone and a tablet as well, while still being handy.

This means this class of phone from the Samsung Electronics can go smaller seamlessly from a larger screen, without having to wait for the apps to switch. In addition to that, Samsung also created an entirely new customer service experience for the users of Samsung Galaxy Fold. And that makes sense, as the users have to pay around $1980 exclusive of tax on the phone.

How Samsung 'fixed' the Galaxy Fold

This new service that we were talking for the Samsung Galaxy Fold users is called the Galaxy Fold Premiere Service What makes this service premiere is the access to Samsung experts who can provide tailored guidelines and support to the Fold users, any time and any day. In addition to that, there is also a dedicated phone number for these users, plus a video chat option. If that doesn’t go right, there is also an option for scheduling the in-person appointment with the experts for extended guidance and support. Great, isn’t it?

Although the launch of this phone was due in America for months. It was previously expected to be held in late April. But due to the foldable screen hardware breaking in the hands of the reviewers, Samsung kept on delaying the launch of its foldable phone. However, it is better late than never. Right?

The South Korean Giant has promised the new Fold devices to be better and more productive and that is the reason why this phone is not a cheaper one. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has already been launched in South Korea as well as in the UK. And now the very phone has made its way to the American market shelves and tech freaks are already loving it.

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Do you happen to test the new Samsung Galaxy Fold device? Want us to review part 2 of this foldable masterpiece for you? Stay tuned and keep visiting us for more Samsung related news and updates.

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