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  1. jonathan

    I don’t have an options for modems

    1. kml

      use another samsung galaxy phone and connect it first.

  2. Allen Visser

    didnt work. im on the “verifying your account” screen on the phone and then run the 2 ASCII cmds:
    +CREG: 0,3
    Call Id:1

  3. abduljakul

    Cannot open the apk after installing. 🙁

  4. filouadsl

    when i have emergy call i click stop add contact but i don t have SCAN BUSINESS CARD why ??

  5. marcin

    dont have add contact on my

  6. ElegantHack

    This almost worked for my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge but I cannot install the APK. I get a cannot parse package error. Any thoughts?

  7. Jason

    Get to the stage where phone makes call but no option after that. Help!

  8. szatan667

    doesn’t work anymore – Sep 2017

    1. Which phone are you using and what is the security patch update month / year?

      1. sparke

        hi i have a samsung galaxy grand prine i got through with everything up to the par with the contacts but there’s no part to add business card or scan business card so im stuck there. please help.

  9. Konstantin

    No add contact button. S7. 03.03.2018

  10. daryl

    i done everything but i vant save the numbr on my phone

  11. shakti

    N920CXXS4CRC1 i cant get through on this device whth anything i’ve come across with.. please help me 🙁

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