Why Samsung Doesn’t Kill Home Button on Galaxy S7?

As with all things Samsung, you either love it or hate it. Some see capacitive buttons as the sexiest button layout on a device, while others see capacitive buttons as battery-hogging and would rather have physical hardware buttons instead. It comes down to preference, really (you like what you like), but Samsung also likes what it likes.


The Korean giant really likes the physical home button, and die hard Samsung fans have grown accustomed to it – though some vanilla Android users continue to question Samsung’s implementation of what they view as “bad taste” in hardware design.

There are those who won’t go five feet near a Samsung device because of the home button, but the company’s home button is justifiable. There are some shortcut reasons as to why Samsung won’t get rid of that home button. We’ll cover four of them below.

Shortcut #2: Double Tap to Launch the Camera

Shortcut #3: Fingerprint Authentication

Shortcut #4: Triple Tap for One-Handed Operation

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