Remote Control Other Android via Galaxy S10+ with TeamViewer Quick Support

When it comes to remote accessing applications, there are quite a few apps that prove to be functional. Without any thoughts, the first name that comes to mind for remote accessing software is the TeamViewer. After providing years of remote access to the desktop owners, TeamViewer is back with the TeamViewer Quick Support that provides remote access of the android smartphones, just like the computers.

So want to know how you can remote control other Android Devices using TeamViewer Quick Support on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus? Scroll down to find out how this fully featured application work and what it has to offer you.

Remote Control Other Android via Galaxy S10+ with Teamviewer Quicksupport

Remote Control Other Android via Galaxy S10+ with TeamViewer Quick Support for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

TeamViewer Quicksupport is the new and ultimate leading solution that provide remote access of Android devices to your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Through innovations in technology and advancements in the incredibly fast and secure global network, this application has made the world a smaller place for you.

Whether you want to help your friend access his technical phone or simply you want to get some files out of his smartphone, TeamViewer Quick Support has you covered. The application, besides offering you fully-functional remote access, offers the following features:

1. Easy & fast Remote Control Access

Controlling your friend sitting across the sea has never been easy before! TeamViewer Quick Support comes with a fast and easy remote control access that allows you to control the phone, view information, send and receive files and do pretty much everything that you can do with a smartphone, but using your own device. Your friend’s phone is only one touch away!

2. Chat Within the Remote Access

Can’t find the file you are looking for? This app has got you covered again. The application comes with the built-in feature that allows you to chat with the person you are connected to. You can simply wish him well, say hi or ask him anything you want in order to save your time and sweat.

3. Take Real-Time Screenshot of the Device

In addition to that, TeamViewer knows the importance of screenshots and that is the reason why it comes with the built-in feature to take a real-time screenshot of the device that you are controlling. This will help you and your colleagues in a number of ways for example, you have taken access to your friend’s phone to help him troubleshoot an issue. You can take real-time screenshots of the process so that he can understand the process and do it on his own the next time. Great, isn’t it?

4. One-Click Control

In addition to other features, the app also offers one-click remote access. All you need is to download the app on your phone and on the phone that you need to access. Pass your ID and there you go.

Download Teamviewer Quicksupport for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

TeamViewer QuickSupport
TeamViewer QuickSupport
Developer: TeamViewer
Price: Free
QuickSupport for Samsung
QuickSupport for Samsung
Developer: TeamViewer
Price: To be announced

Troubleshooting and mirroring devices have never been this easy before. So get this app downloaded now on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and control any other android device remotely.

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