Recent Notification App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Do you always miss your important notifications? Because if you ignored them once from your device status bar then you cannot recover them again! An app with the name of Recent Notification is the best solution for this problem and could easily be used with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Recent Notification App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Recent Notification App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Now you don’t have to worry about the notifications because Recent Notification app will save all of your notifications. So you can read them whenever you got free time.

Secure You Device from Spam Notifications

Recent Notification app can trace out those applications which are spamming you with annoying notifications and you can uninstall them right away. Which means that with the help of Recent Notification app you can get rid all all the applications which are sending you unnecessary notifications and slowing down your phone by eating up the memory.

Recent Notification App Features

This Application will group all of your notifications. It will gives you the detail of every notification in the same style as your device status bar. So you don’t have to worry about missing even single one of them.

Recent Notification app provides you the feature of filter you notification by day. So you can sort them out easily.  You can remove a notification as a group or individually with just a single Swipe. Users can specify a date on which Recent Notification app will automatically deletes all of the older notifications. You can launch the representative application with just one tap on its notification.

Martial design is used to develop this Recent Notification app. You can find each and every notification which flashes out on your screen throughout the whole day but you can see the original notification also if you want. Which is a great feature to have.

Recent Notification App Permission to Access 

This app requires the permission of reading your notifications as well as the access to device setting, to enable notifications. However Recent Notification app does not require any in-app permissions during installation and running on your device.

User Interface

Recent Notification app can show picture assigned with the notification if available. If you want to access more options, you just need to have long press any of the notification or app. Which is so much convenient and quicker than to messing around in complicated settings to do the same. When you want to delete your notifications there is an option named as delete from the bottom is also available.

Your Privacy is Secured  

No one accept you can read your saved notification in this application.  You don’t require any internet connection to use Recent Notification app. Which is a proof that your notifications are only being stored in your device. Recent Notification is a secure app which guaranties the security of your device.

Other Important Information

Recent Notification app will not read the notification sent by system apps for security and privacy reasons. If you are using music and other multimedia applications which posts on going notifications then Recent Notification app will not show that to save storage space in your device.

Download Recent Notification App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Recent Notification
Recent Notification
Developer: LibApps
Price: Free+

The latest version of Recent Notification app with fixed minor errors, reported by users and which is even more improved in performance is available to download on Google Playstore for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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