Reachability Mouse Cursor One Hand Pointer Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Ever felt the need of a mouse cursor or a tool that allow you to control your smartphone using one hand? Well, we all feel the same way because for such big smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S series or Note series, it is quite difficult to use them with one hand. Reaching the top of the screen with one hand is quite difficult that is the reason, reachability mouse cursor app comes to rescue.

This nifty app is quite new on the Play Store, but its usability and functionality made it quitter popular across the globe. Here’s what makes this app worth a try.

Reachability Mouse Cursor One Hand Pointer For Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Reachability Mouse Cursor One Hand Pointer Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Reachability Mouse Cursor App allows the smartphone users to use a computer mouse pointer to control the big screens of the smartphones with one hand, effortlessly. This application is perfect for the big smartphones to use with ease.

With this being the main idea, here’s what the app comes with, additionally.

1. Easy to Use

In addition to offering ease of smartphone use, the reachability mouse cursor application is really easy to use. Even if you are not a desktop user, you will find this app, really easy and fun to use. All you need is to install the app, drag the tracker to move the cursor and tap to click. It is that simple.

2. Auto Disappear Feature

In addition to its convenient and easy use, the application comes with an amazing feature of auto disappear feature that allows the cursor to disappear automatically when you don’t need it anymore. This means the cursor will not interrupt or disturb you while you are using your smartphone.

3. Completely Customizable

Not only the app comes with the ease of use and automatic disappear functionality, but this app is also completely customizable and brings a lot of customizable features including the option to customize the cursor speed, the cursor, and tracker area and the appearance and behavior of almost anything. Great, isn’t it?

4. Advanced Mode

Furthermore, the reachability mouse cursor application for Samsung Galaxy and Android devices comes with the advanced mode that supports the drag gestures with the cursor. This means you can make extensive use of swipe gestures to navigate through the device and glide typing keyboards.

5. Pro Version Features

All these features are available for the freemium version, but this is not it. For the users who get the premium version of the app can get to enjoy many other amazing features including the unlimited cursor customization. Moreover, the users can use long clicks, adjust the cursor as well, so that the users don’t have to stretch their thumbs to reach the top edge of the screen. Pretty clever, right?

Download Reachability Mouse Cursor One Hand Pointer For Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Reachability Cursor for Android by NiftyUI

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The app is quite good at what it is supposed to be and is completely free from ads. However, you can upgrade to its premium version in order to enjoy unlimited customization and functionality. So get it downloaded on your smartphone and enjoy!

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