Purple Diver Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

After a yearlong wait, summers are finally here. From the beach party to citrus fun, summers bring a lot of excitement for the children to young ones. However, the summer fun can dwindle due to the scorching heat and that is where the digital apps come to rescue your summer fun. We are talking about the summer fun apps and games like a purple diver that will help save you your summer without burning in that blazing heat.

Want to know what Purple Diver is all about? Scroll down to know!

Purple Diver Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Purple Diver Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

As a matter of fact, diving games and applications are very much popular among players all across the globe. Purple Diver is one of the popular diving games that will restore all your lost summer fun on the go. This game is addictive and is designed for the frequent swimmer that knows all about diving.

The game is quite interesting that comes with multiple features. These features include:

1. Addictive Gameplay

If you are a sports person and want to indulge in something that will indulge you into something addictive, this purple diver is the game made for you. the game brings amazing gameplay that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Although the gameplay is addictive, Purple Diver is a short game that has no to little replay value. But if you want something to kill your time, this game is all you need.

2. Incredibly Simple

If you don’t want anything that requires brain storming, Purple Diving is the game for you. This game is really simple. All you need to do is to reach a set goal by diving into the pool. Your goal would be to reach a certain depth in water when you land. In addition to that, you will be needing to get a good entry score and hitting the rubber duck on the way in the water.

3. Increased Difficulty

In addition to that, the game also offers increased difficulty as you progress. Your standard goal to touch while diving becomes farther and you have to maintain your balance in the water. Although the goal seems pretty difficult but you can improve your jump with the passage of time.

4. Easy to Play Controls

In addition to simple gameplay, the controls of the game are also pretty simple. You can control the diver by simply pressing the screen. You can hold your finger or thumb down to start diving. The longer you hold, the further you jump. This will take a little getting used to, but you will probably learn it quick.

Download Purple Diver Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Purple Diver
Purple Diver
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free+

In addition to that, completing levels will award you money and will help you unlock different starting positions on the board. In a nutshell, the game is interesting and very simple to play. So get it downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other Android devices.

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