PlayGalaxy Allows to Stream PC Games on Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

There was one feature that flew under the radar during the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus launch because of the fact that event was immensely packed, that feature was PlayGalaxy Link. With this feature you can stream games directly from your computer to you capable Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  It is without a doubt really great service, especially during the time when we are entering in the era of 5G connectivity. Where Apps requires low latency and a lot of bandwidth. It seems like Samsung has introduce this feature on the right time.

PlayGalaxy Allows to Stream PC Games on Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

PlayGalaxy Allows to Stream PC Games on Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

To connect your PC with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, simply install the PlayGalaxy Link program on your PC and its Android app on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Introducing Parsec

Parsec is basically a service on which PlayGalaxy Link is based. To brand their technology into a Samsung exclusive, Samsung is working with Parsec. On both smartphone and computer, PlayGalaxy Link will always connect to your Samsung account. Then it will scan all the games installed on your computer to list them. Afterwards using the PlayGalaxy Link App, you can select which game you want to play on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone. Those games will run on 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi connectivity.

That makes it entirely different from Steam Link, because Steam Link requires you to be on the same wireless network.

Features of PlayGalaxy Link


We have mentioned some of the Amazing features below which you can get with PlayGalaxy Link, such as

– You can connect to your PC over Wi-Fi or mobile network (4G/5G).

– You can create your own game library that you have installed on your PC.

– PlayGalaxy Link supports Bluetooth controllers, mice and keyboards. You can also play with customizable on screen keypads.

– Wake up your registered PC from PlayGalaxy Link.

– Optimized Bluetooth gaming controller for Galaxy smartphones.

– It features a universal design with an adjustable width up to 178 mm, and can be used for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

Pc Requirements

A list of games installed on your PC will be automatically created, you can add more games manually if they haven’t been discovered.

OS: Windows 10

GPU: NVIDIA GPU NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher, AMD Radeon RX 550 or higher

CPU: Intel Core i5 or higher

Memory: DDR4 8 GB

AP: Gigabit router

Note: Also must check whether your graphic driver is at the latest version.

Smartphone Requirements

Install the PlayGalaxy Link App on your Galaxy phone, then sign in with your Samsung account used on your PC. You can download PlayGalaxy Link App from the Galaxy Store. The app will automatically search for PC.

Model: GALAXY NOTE 10/ 10+ (Other models are coming soon)

OS: Android 9.0 (PIE) or above

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link will likely to be released for older devices in the coming months, but for now it is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series of smartphones. You can try Parsec instead, if you want to use a similar App to PlayGalaxy Link. It runs on any Samsung Galaxy smartphone. If you don’t have a gaming PC to stream from then no worries, you can even rent out a cloud PC from one of a few providers. For gamers both of these services are actually really great. You can Download PlayGalaxy Link from here, it is extremely easy to use and user friendly. But most of all it is essentially a plug and play.

Download PlayGalaxy for Samsung Galaxy Note10 / Note10+

Mobile Client App:

Windows PC App: PlayGalaxyLink_setup.exe

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