How to Play PSP Games on Galaxy S7 Edge with PPSSPP?

No doubt, there are number of people who would die around for the games of PSP. Well it is undoubtedly true but not all the people want to have the second device for playing games when we are constantly lugging around for tablets, laptops and more importantly – our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It does not matter which thing you are lugging for, you definitely have love for the PSP games like GTA etc. If you are one of them, then I have good news for you. You can play the PSP games now on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as well with Galaxy S7 via PPSSPP PSP Emulator App.

Download Galaxy S7 PPSSPP PSP Emulator APK Free Download

How PPSSPP Works on Galaxy S7 Edge?

When it comes to play PSP games on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, then the only way that you have left is to use the Galaxy S7 PPSSPP that is a PSP emulator available on Google play store for free. The emulator allows the users to bring the video games larger than their lives to their Android devices.

Tough, it is really difficult to run the new and heavy games on the android devices, but the PPSSPP makes it all the way easy and convenient for you. The PPSSPP for the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge makes it possible to play ROM versions by simply just emulating the experience.

The PPSSPP Galaxy S7 comes in two versions. One is the free version while other one is Gold version that is paid one. There’s no big difference between the two, except the gold version supports the development team.

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Download Galaxy S7 PPSSPP PSP Emulator APK Free Download

Some of the PSP Games that you can play on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with PPSSPP Emulator.

  1. Persona 3 Portable
  2. Little Big Planet
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  4. God of War: Chains of Olympus
  5. Final Fantasy Type-0
  6. Wipeout Pure and Pulse
  7. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

Download Galaxy S7 PPSSPP PSP Emulator (1.2.2) – 23 MB

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Galaxy S7 PPSSPP PSP Emulator Play Store

PPSSPP - PSP emulator
PPSSPP - PSP emulator

Where to Download PPSSPP Game ROMs For Galaxy S7?

There are three popular websites where you can find out PSP ROMs that you can use with PPSSPP on your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

  1. Emu Paradise
  2. Psp Share
  3. Free Roms

You can have PSP Games for Galaxy S7 Download by using this PPSSPP for the S7 Edge.

How to Setup PPSSPP Emulator on Galaxy S7?

Setting up the PPSSPP emulator for the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge is not that difficult task as it seems. There is no such rocket science in setting up the PPSSPP Emulator. The only thing that you need is to have time to configure it.

Now, if you are ready to have the excellent experience in gaming, then Let’s Do it:

  1. Step 1: the first step in setting up the PPSSPP to your device is to launch the application on your phone. And navigate through the settings where you will encounter “Graphics” setting button.
  2. Step 2: now get to the Rendering Mode. You will need to select the buffered rendering but if you need a faster effect, skip the buffer effect.
  3. Step 3: in order to improve the performance of the app, you will need to select “FXAA Antialiasing” under Postprocessing shader. Another thing that is worth mentioning here is to keep the frame rates at highest with the higher resolution of 2X or 3X for better display.
  4. Step 4: don’t forget to keep Software Skinning and Vertex Cache checked for the smooth gaming experience.
  5. Step 5: set all the controls of your app as per your requirements. For the best of the best gaming experience, you will need to uncheck the Haptice feedback.
  6. Step 6: the PPSSPP also offers you the cheats for the games. Enable them if you want to try cheats while playing games over the PSP emulator.
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After all these settings, you are ready to set up for the high level of gaming experience over your Samsung S7 Edge. Don’t forget to share your feedback and settings with us!

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