Fix Camera Settings Crash Error Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

How to Fix Galaxy S7 Camera Settings Crash Error?

Yesterday night, I was with my friends and was capturing the pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I wanted to try out some other settings in camera application. But to my surprise, camera settings on Galaxy S7 Edge started to crash. Camera Settings just opened for a while on Galaxy ...
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Best Video Streaming Apps Galaxy S7 Edge

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Video Streaming Downloader Apps Collection

Watching videos is a great fun. Isn’t it? Yes it is. If you are looking for the apps for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to stream videos online, then you seem to be at a right place. Today, with so much advancement in technology, watching videos online have been so ...
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Best Mini Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Earbuds Sports Water Proof Stereo Pair

List of 8 Best Galaxy S7 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds Stereo Pair

Technology has been evolving very rapidly and due to such huge levels of innovation, we are able to experience the most beautiful and mini style gadgets in real world. Best Galaxy S7 Edge Bluetooth Earbuds For Sports & Exercise were already shared by S7 Fan Club. Also make sure to have ...
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Apple iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 7 – Best Features Compared

The war between the Samsung and Apple continues with the introduction of the iPhone 7 in the markets, this month. Earlier this year, Samsung Galaxy S7 was released, and earlier this month, always its competitive, iPhone 7 got place in the shelves of market. No doubt, each smartphone is equipped ...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned in US Flights - Best Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives

Galaxy Note 7 Banned In U.S. Flights & Violators Will Be Sent To Prison

We had to cover up many stories related with Galaxy Note 7, since it was a smart-phone by Samsung, that has recently failed. First Major Carriers in US had to Stop the sales of Galaxy Note 7 and then Samsung has Permanently discontinued the sales of Galaxy Note 7 worldwide after ...
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Top 3 Best Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, Presenter Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

How to Use Galaxy S7 As Wireless Mouse Touchpad & Keyboard For PC?

With the latest innovation in technology, you can now even do things that you haven’t imagined of doing before. Have you ever imagined controlling your laptop or PC by sitting on a distant cushion with the help of your smartphone? Nah? But now you can imagine as you can do it ...
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Best Reverse Video Apps Slow Motion Video Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Slow Motion & Reverse Video Apps

Slow motion and Reverse Videos are not just now limited to high end video cameras. With the increased use of Latest Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S10, you can easily get this feature on your smartphone as well. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus user and want this ...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Discontinued Due To Explosions

Galaxy Note 7 Is Permanently Dead, Samsung Discontinued It

We had shared several articles, in which we had discussed about Galaxy Note 7 Explosions due to it's battery issues. There are 100+ cases being reported by several Galaxy Note 7 users across the world. Their Galaxy Note 7 got exploded. Samsung had issued a global recall of all Galaxy ...
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QuickShortcutMaker App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge APK Download

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Quick Shortcut Maker App 2.4.0

This app can create a shortcut to an application from the list of activities which are installed on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Edge. Even if so many applications are installed, you can choose an activity smoothly. QuickShortcutMaker App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ...
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Download Best Ringtone Cutter and Audio Editing Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

Download 5 Best Galaxy S7 Ringtone Cutter & Audio Editor Apps

Ringtones are the great part of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that are increasingly becoming popular among younger generation. This is because of the fact that without these ringtones, the phones becomes much boring and silent. With the increase of use of technology, Android app developers have constantly been ...
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