Download Google Maps & Navigate Android App for Samsung Phones

Now you can navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps Android App. Over 220 countries and territories are mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places are shown on the Map directly in your Android Samsung smartphone screen. Get real-time GPS navigation and it will notify you about the traffic and transit info. You can also explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go with Google Maps and Navigation Android App. No matter what part of the world you’re in, now you will always get directions with ease. [...]  Read More

How To Remove Android Duplicate Contacts in Samsung Phones?

How To Remove Android Duplicate Contacts in Samsung Phones?

Duplicate contacts might seem the huge deal of mess in the phones and besides this, they can make life inconvenient in any app where communicating with others is involved. You can end up your conversation with the wrong person or even message to someone’s old number. There are a number of different applications with which you need to access your contact list, but duplicate contacts can create a mess for you. so it is very necessary to remove duplicate contacts from your android phone whether you are using the Samsung Android Phone or any other mobile device. [...]  Read More

Download PUBG Mobile Game for All Android Samsung Phones

Download PUBG Mobile Game for All Android Samsung Phones

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG set the world on the fire last year and this time, it is going to set the new records with the availability on the mobile phones as well. Yep, you have heard it right. If you’d heard it a month ago that you will get the PUBG free on mobile and it will run better than as it runs on Xbox, you will definitely give a strange look. Before you start playing PUBG on your smartphone, we would strongly advise checking Best PUBG Gamepad Controller Triggers to become Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Champion with PUBG Mobile. Surprise your friends with amazing shooting accuracy and sniping shots. Amazingly these gamepad triggers work with almost all smartphones with all types of Battle Royale Games (PUBG Alternatives)[...]  Read More

Top 10 Best PUBG Gamepad Trigger Controllers for Android Samsung Phones

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus PUBG Gamepad Trigger Controllers

Long gone are the days when you need mouse and keyboard to play games. The advancements in technology have brought us a vast gaming pool and that too on your smartphones. Yep, the Google Play Store comes packed with diverse games library that feels really home for the gamers. PUBG, Geometry Wars 3, Grand Theft Auto and many similar titles seem to make the list. But if you are a gamer who plays on his smartphone and strive hard to win chicken dinner at PUBG with your squad, you will definitely need the best gamepad trigger controller that works awesome with Android Samsung Phones. [...]  Read More

Download Google Drive Android App for Samsung Phones

Space is one of the biggest issues you face whenever you store data in devices like smartphones or PC.  To access that data you have to carry that device with you everywhere because without it you will not be able to reach it. That’s why Google Drive Android App is a safe place where you can store as much data or files as you want, without worrying about space. The best thing is that you can reach that data from anywhere at any time directly from your Samsung smartphone. This means you don’t need to carry any device with you to accept your Android Samsung smartphone. [...]  Read More

Download Google Classroom Android App for Samsung Phones

Google Classroom Android App is a free service for schools and nonprofit organizations, anyone who has a personal Google account can use it. Google Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect with each other inside or outside the school. It saves time in the classroom and also you need a pen and paper. You can very easily create classes, distribute assignments and stay organized with Google Classroom App directly through your Android Samsung smartphone. [...]  Read More

Download Google Translate Android App for Samsung Phones

With Google Translate android App you can get instant translations on the go directly on your Samsung Smartphone while you travel to a different part of the world. You can also use it to translate words that you come across on your Android Phone. Google Translate Android App has a feature through which you can translate straight away by capturing a photo or by pasting the selected text in the app search bar. That can be very useful especially when you are in a foreign country where you don’t know the local language. [...]  Read More

Download MapQuest Maps & GPS Navigation Android App for Samsung Phones

If you travel in United States or Canada then MapQuest maps and navigation Android App has the best tools for you. It provides users turn by turn GPS Navigation. You can use voice navigation for walking, get direction while driving or explore points of interests on the map with MapQuest App right from your Android Samsung smartphone. It is one of the best alternative to Google Maps you can use, since the play store services are pretty heavy to use. If you want to use other similar Apps, they also runs slow due to their size. [...]  Read More

Download Expedia Travel Deals & Bookings Android App for Samsung Phones

With Expedia travel deals and booking Android App you can book your hotels, flights, rental cars, things to do and bundle deals right from your Samsung smartphone. You can also get double Expedia reward points over more than 500,000 hotels worldwide. Which also includes some of the best boutique, luxury, airport hotels as well as hostels, B&Bs and resorts. The Expedia App is designed to enhance your travel, from planning to booking. With this one App installed on your Android Samsung phone, you don’t need to worry about bookings any more. [...]  Read More

Download eBay Shopping, Buy Sell Android App for Samsung Phones

With eBay Android App now you can buy, sell and save on the shopping deals right through your Samsung smartphone.  In just a few seconds you can list items you want to sell. From home and garden to tech, fashion and more, eBay Android App helps you to get the best deals every time. Also you cannot afford to miss CYBER MONDAY discounts, since you can browse huge savings and snap up amazing deals on tech, fashion, home and more. You can securely buy and sell with eBay Shopping App from your Samsung smartphone. [...]  Read More