Top 5 Best Apps of Makeup for Samsung Android Phones in 2020

Do you want to become a pro on your own, in doing professional makeup? Choosing the right products for makeup in the right amount according your skin tone is always a difficult task. If you do that in the right manner then makeup can become quite fun to do. By using your Samsung Android smartphone, you can become your own makeup artist and hair stylist. On the internet plenty of Android makeup App’s are available, with these Android Makeup App’s there are always opportunities for learning new skills. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Spy Light Bulbs with Camera and WiFi in 2020

The light bulb spy cameras are so similar with the regular light bulbs that no one can recognize them at least in first glance. It seems very hard to believe that there is a camera inside them to record every movement. It’s because these light bulb spy cameras are designed to fit in regular bulbs sockets in your home, office, shop or where ever you want to install. Meaning you don’t need to do any drilling or other stuff to install them instead just simply place them in the socket, nothing can be more convenient. [...]  Read More

Download YouTube Stream Music & Videos Android App for Samsung Phones

On YouTube you can not only stream every kind of videos but also listen music, recently YouTube has released a new Android App for the people who want listen or stream only music videos with the name of YouTube Music. This App allows you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new songs. Get playlists and recommendations served to you based on your context, tastes and what’s trending around you on your Samsung smartphone, with this new music streaming service from YouTube. [...]  Read More