Download Mozilla Fenix Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Even though Google Chrome is the built-in browser for all the Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Mozilla keeps on introducing fun and exciting elements for its Firefox mobile. The desktop franchise, Mozilla keeps on emphasizing the fact that their Firefox is even better than Chrome and that is being proven with their new experimental application for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

This new application from Mozilla is called Mozilla Firefox Preview, that is surely the best thing you can have for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other Android devices. So here’s everything about the new Firefox Preview.

Mozilla Fenix Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Download Mozilla Fenix Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Okay, just like the other mobile browsers, the core functionality of the Firefox Preview is identical. You can open the app, juggle between the multiple tabs, the private mode is there to help you stay private and you can perform quick searches on the go, using this application. What’s new in the Mozilla Firefox Preview is its completely revamped interface, the way it allows you to browse effortlessly and there’s eve’ collection feature.

Here’s everything about the Firefox Preview that you need to know.

Download Mozilla Fenix Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

1. Sleeker Interface

The first thing that you all will notice in this updated Mozilla Firefox browser is its new and completely gorgeous interface. The Preview has a sleeker interface that comes with a minimalist design and a focused UI. The app allows the user to easily and quickly jump between the pages. The trimmed navigation bar has been moved to the bottom of the app screen allowing you to enjoy the full preview of the webpage and stays mostly out of the way while scrolling and running through the news feed. It is more like using a browser in a reader mode.

2. GeckoView Offers Faster Browsing

Firefox always claims to be the fastest browser but this time, it claims to be 2x faster than the Chrome. All thanks to GeckoView which provided the freedom to build a browser that is faster than ever. In addition to that, this feature allows you to get quick updates and the cool new features before anyone else. This means Firefox Preview has been made fast by design, featuring a minimalist interface that provides easy functionality and ultimate browser experience.

3. Collections Feature

One of the favorite features from this version of Firefox is its collections feature. This feature is similar to using sub-folders to organize bookmarks. What makes it different than the bookmarks is that it not only let you save pages but also allows you to save pages with in-progress processes that need to be completed later like a shopping cart or an application form. Great, isn’t it?

4. Dark Mode

Another cool feature that we love about this version is the Dark Mode. Although many apps do come with night or dark mode, this feature was absent in Firefox for a long time. So this upgrade is warmly welcomed here.

Download Mozilla Fenix Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

So get this app downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Android devices and make an impact on your mobile browsing.

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