Monsters with Attitude Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Love to smash things? Want to keep the monsters and beasts under your control? Your search ends here. Monsters with Attitude is the best game to have on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus as it is not only alluring but really fun to play. However, unlike many similar titles, you are not only smashing everything that comes your way, you are also leveling up your critters too. And you know what, those critters are the highlights of this game.

So want to know what this game has got for you? Scroll down to download and play this amazing “Monsters with Attitude” game for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Monsters with Attitude Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Monsters with Attitude Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

As the name implies, the game revolves around the beasts and monsters that have to wreak havoc on beautiful planets by eating and smashing everything that moves, causing as much damage as possible, in order to get bigger and proceed. The best part about this game is that you can also compete against other monsters as well – either AI-controlled or real ones. Impressive, right?

Here’s what you can do in this game:

1. Be the Biggest

As mentioned earlier, the goal of the game is to become the biggest among all. You are the monster in this game and you need to be the biggest, in order to level up. As the size of the monster grows up, it becomes more powerful allowing you to bash smaller objects and even become more destructible. You can also fight the bigger enemies at once or clash in a duel. There is a lot to do within the game. Get it downloaded rn.

2. Smash the Stuff Up

If you are the one who loves smashing everything up, this game is for you. the game allows you to smash up the city, the forests, and everything in between. The game offers a gigantic planet that is completely smash-able and destructible for your monsters. You can brawl and evolve there, like it your real world.

3. Choose from 5 Powerful Monsters

The monster crew of this game consists of 5 monsters so far, to choose from. Rufus, The Lattimers, Buzz, Big Wallace and Max & Smash are there with special characteristics to select. Select the one that suits your needs or your favorite one, to learn what he can do. All these monsters come with unique monster abilities, collect these abilities and upgrade to become the biggest.

4. Collect & Upgrade

The bigger the better! Collect everything that comes your way by smashing the environment. You can upgrade the monsters using these collectibles and unlock new abilities and to improve their existing abilities. In addition to that, you can also improve the overall monster size from the monsters with attitude cards, in order to become a legend.

Download Monsters with Attitude Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Monsters with Attitude: Google Play - Launch Trailer

Moreover, the game is free to play and comes with a lot more features to discover. So get it downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and enjoy smashing everything!

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