Download Metal Slug Infinity Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

If you are a 90s kid, you must be a fan of Metal Slug. The long-running and one of the most popular titles in the RPG gaming niche has introduced its latest entry on the Google Play Store as Metal Slug Infinity. The game is available to download for free with some in-app purchases.

So if you want to know what this title has brought for you, we have you gaming freaks all covered. Read on to know what Metal Slug Infinity for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has got.

Metal Slug Infinity Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

Download Metal Slug Infinity Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

Metal Slug Infinity is unlike other Metal Slug games, as it incorporates the “idle” gaming mechanics. If you have played other Metal Slug games, you would know what to expect from them, but FYI, this Infinity series has got something else for you. You don’t get to fully control your characters and vehicles in this game. Instead, you only carry out simple actions like applying buffs, simple tap controls, etc.

In addition to a bit unique gameplay, the Metal Slug Infinity offers:

1. New Gameplay, Same Characters

Although this game features different gameplay but offers the same characters to bring back that typical Metal Slug feel. Whether Marco was your hero, or you were the fan of Eri, Metal Slug Infinity has got them all for you. Choose your favorite character from the Metal Slug Franchise and defend against the waves of Rebels, Guerrillas, Aliens, Mummies, and Zombies. Also, don’t forget P.O.W., he is the same bringing you powerful weapons if you save him.

2. Amazing Game Sounds, and Visual Effects

Bringing the same feel, Metal Slug Infinity has got the revamped visual effects and sounds. The details, the sound effects, and everything brings the same metal slug feel, with the additional thrill and action. The same battlefields are now covering different challenges.

3. Assemble Your Own Army

Are you a true warrior? Show your skills and talent by assembling your own army in the Metal Slug Infinity. The game allows you to join the cause in a variety of ways such as scouting, building tactics, supplying, and many more. You can combine your forces or simply stick to one of the strongest players to defend and win.

4. Experience Action Like Never Before

Metal Slug Infinity is a re-skinned version of Metal Slug Attack that allows you to experience the action, like never before. The battlegrounds are loaded with metal and slugs. All you need is to spray and pray with the powerful weapons. You can even catch enemy soldiers slacking off on the sly. Numerous buffs and teleportation systems will assist you in your infinite growth.

Download Metal Slug Infinity Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

Metal Slug Infinity : Idle Game Release

Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game
Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game
Developer: ekkorr
Price: Free+

So are you ready to experience ultimate action? Download this latest version of Metal Slug on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and experience unusual RPG with growing thrill and stronger action. Battles with unique characters and combat vehicles are now at your fingertips!

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