Live Wallpapers 4D App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S7 S8, S9,

All of us adore beautiful home screen and lock screen. We also love to have mesmerizing wallpapers on our mobile phones or computers. It feels good wallpaper rejuvenates over all look of the device.

So today’s post is about one of the best wallpapers app. It is Live Wallpapers 3D App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10.

Live Wallpapers 4D App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S9, S8, S7

GRUBL 4D Live Wallpaper

Illuminate your home screen and lock screen with the coolest 3D live wallpaper app.

1: 3D Wallpaper

There are many 3D wallpapers for you.  For example, space backgrounds, anime, dark – black wallpapers, 4K AMOLED 3D backgrounds, 3D wallpapers for gamers, Christmas wallpapers, video wallpapers, and many more cool backgrounds. New Year and Christmas live wallpaper are included as well.

Your screen will be transformed into 3D moving entertainment experience with outstanding 3D effects. You will have all of VFX and Pixel 4D live wallpapers, new video wallpapers, plus new animated wallpapers every week.  These new wallpapers will come with more realistic effects. You can see preview for each theme, even with 4D. Every background can be adjusted independently.

2: Auto Changer

If you enable auto changer, it will randomly pick 3D wallpaper from your favorites after every 6 hours.

3: Simple Interface

Interface is very simple and easy to get. Just tap the wallpaper to preview and tap again to set it. Inside your favorite wallpapers list, you can find all of your downloaded live wallpapers.

4: Sync

Just sign in with your Google account to sync all your 3D wallpapers and purchases across your devices automatically.

5: Customized Searching

Searching has never been easier. You can search your desired wallpaper by color. Go for color-search to create the alluringly personalized appearance for your phone.

6: True AMOLED color

Mind blowing and moving AMOLED 3D wallpapers is specifically designed to to help you get the  most out of your AMOLED screen.

7: 4D Effect With True Depth

These cool animated wallpaper make the characters feel real. There are 4D anime wallpapers, wallpapers for gamers, superheroes in 4K like Kratos 3D wallpaper, Darth Vader 3D wallpaper, movies scenes, dark – black backgrounds, and really exploding 4D space wallpapers. All are ready to show up on your screen.

8: Video Wallpapers & Cinemagraphs

With this fantastic app, you will have the feeling of real motion effect in 4D. Animated 3D wallpapers are combined with visual effects layers like snow, rain, fire effects, smoke, particles, stormy themes like Godzilla, heroes portraits, various moving cool backgrounds to baffle your senses.

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9: Device Friendliness

Wallpapers come in  3 resolutions to fit any screen, from low dpi, to xxxh dpi sizes and resolutions. Battery consumption ranges between 0.5% and 2%, so you will not feel any basic difference.

Download Live Wallpapers 4D App for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

Live Wallpapers 4D App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

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