Live Transcribe App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

It is no secret that smartphone technology has made our lives so much simpler than it was a few years ago. You can do pretty much everything using your mobile device including tracking your health status, make payments, book a cab and everything in between. Today’s smartphone is simply more than a device to make calls and receive texts.

Although there are a number of accessibility features for the impaired people in today’s smartphones, too, still we hadn’t had enough features in our smartphones that can help people, such people, to make their lives easier, until now. Thanks to Google that has introduced a new application called Live Transcribe that is dedicated for the hearing impaired.

Here’s what this Live Transcribe App is all about.

Live Transcribe App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Live Transcribe App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Just as the name implies, Live Transcribe application is dedicated to the people with a severe hearing issue or the ones with completely impaired sense. The app helps to transcribe what hears in the surrounding, in an easy to read the text. According to a number of reviews, this app works pretty well and allow the deaf people to interact effortlessly, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Although the application is pretty straightforward, still, it has a number of subtly amazing features that you will love to discover. These features include:

1. Real-Time Transcription

You might be thinking that you can have Siri or other similar Voice assistants to get the task done. FYI! This live transcribe app is a lot different than said assistants and allow you to have face to face conversations. The app offers the real-time transcription of what’s being said, allowing you to carry a conversation. Using Google’s state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology, Live Transcribe performs real-time transcription of speech to text on your screen, so you can participate in conversations going on in the world around you. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. Keep the Conversation Going

Not only the app allows you to read what’s being said but also allows you to become a part of the conversation, to keep it going. Yep, you have read it right. You can keep the conversation going by typing your response on the screen so that you can interact like never before.

3. 70+ Languages Supported

Can’t understand English? Don’t worry! The application has support for more than 70 different languages that allow you to understand what’s being said in your native language. Moreover, you can set primary and secondary languages within the app, for easy interaction. The languages are pretty easy to switch with a single tap.

4. Loudness and Noise Indicator

In addition to that, the app also comes with a loudness and noise indicator allowing you to know the ambient noise level. This indicator is shown in the form of a blue circle in the corner of the application that you can visually see if you need to move the microphone closer to the speaker.

Download Live Transcribe App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Moreover, if somebody starts speaking after a period of silence, Live Transcribe will vibrate the phone to let you know to look at it to see what is being said. So the app is pretty interesting and helpful too. Get it downloaded.

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