Download Kiwi Web Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

According to a recent survey an average person spends nearly 3 to 5 hours on browsing online and why not browsing allows you to shop, work, enjoy and everything in between, while sitting on your chair. However, for the best browsing experience, you need to have that excellent browser that allows you to spend quality time online. For this, we have got something for you.

No, we aren’t going to suggest you those typical Firefox, Chrome or Opera. We are referring to Kiwi Web Browser that is relatively new entrant on the Play Store, still managed to get our attention. Want to know why? Scroll down to read on.

Kiwi Web Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

Download Kiwi Web Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

Like most third-party web browsers available on the Play Store, Kiwi is a Chromium-based platform allowing you to browse fast and quiet but with a bunch of sizzling features that you might not get in any other available browser.

Here’s what Kiwi Web Browser for Android has got for you.

1. Faster Than Chrome & Supports Chrome Extensions

Although the browser is based on Chrome, however, it is termed faster and more stable than the Chrome itself. This is not what we are saying but a number of users and the developers have tried this browser and claimed that Kiwi Browser is fairly quicker, faster and stable than Chrome. Therefore, you can browse in half the time and utilize the rest in something productive. Kiwi also supports installation of Google Chrome Extensions on Mobile.

2. Incredible Page Load Speed

Isn’t it annoying to wait for the pages to load while you are browsing? Well, you don’t have to, anymore as Kiwi Web Browser offers super-fast web page loading. By fast, we mean fast page loading speed within a split second and that is because of Kiwi’s optimized rendering engine that allows loading the web page faster than any other web browser.

3. Built-in Pop-Ups and Ad-Blocker

One of the best features that sets Kiwi Web Browser apart from other browsers is its built-in pop-ups and ad-blocker. No, unlike lousy and unstable ad-blockers, the built-in ad blocker powerfully blocks all the annoying ads, pop-ups that make page loading slow and annoys you while you are browsing. Now browse effortlessly without intrusive and annoying popups.

4. Background Play Feature For YouTube

Okay, we needed this feature very much and thanks to Kiwi Browser that offers the background play feature for sites like YouTube so that you can listen and enjoy your fav music in the background while you are working and doing other stuff. Great, isn’t it?

5. Night Mode

Another feature that you will love is its Night Mode which activates a dark theme in the browser so you can browse effortlessly during the night, without affecting your eyes. This Night mode in the Kiwi Browser uses a dark background and different shades of gray for text, the address bar, and other UI elements.

Download Kiwi Web Browser for Android Samsung Galaxy S10+

Google Chrome Extensions on Android with Kiwi Browser!

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In addition to that, there are many other amazing features that you browsing freaks are going to love. So get this browser on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and browse in peace.

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