iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Which One is Winner?

Just recently at an event Apple has officially said that we can expect iPhone 11 Pro to be launched till 20th September, which is almost a week ahead. On the other hand Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 Plus has already been launched some weeks ago. With iPhone 11 Pro launch date being confirmed by Apple, we all will surely going to see the battle of these two giant smartphone brands once again. In today’s post we will be comparing both flagship devices Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus to see which one is better.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Which One is Winner?

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Which One is Winner

We have done the following comparison between Galaxy Note 10 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro on the basis of those features and Specs which Apple has officially conformed about their upcoming flagship smartphone.


Before starting our comparison first we will discuss the processing power of these two devices. There is no doubt that iPhone 11 Pro’s A13 Bionic SoC processor is faster than Galaxy Note 10 Plus Cortex- A55. But this does not mean that Galaxy Note 10 Plus is out of the competition, because it provides you many features which iPhone 11 Pro simply lacks. What are those features? You will find that in the comparison below

Specs & Features

Both iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphones Comes with (Wide angle+telephoto+super wide) triple camera setup at the back. Galaxy Note 10 Plus have 6.8 inch display with the resolution of 1440×3040 pixels whereas iPhone 11 comes with 6.5 inch display with 11242×2688 pixels resolution. Again both devices comes with stereo speakers which have Dolby Atmos Support.

In iPhone 11 Pro you get the Face ID lock feature but in Galaxy Note 10 Plus you also get under screen finger print sensor along with Face ID lock. Galaxy Note 10 Plus has wireless power share feature as well, with that you can charge any other smartphone by just simply placing it on the back of galaxy Note 10 Plus. It is the feature which you will not find in iPhone 11 Pro.

Another thing which upcoming iPhone 11 Pro does not have as compared to Galaxy Note 10 Plus is Headphone jack. Another important thing is that if we compare the design of both smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus looks much more futuristic because of its kind floating front camera in the middle of bezel-less screen.


In iPhone 11 Pro’s $1100 variant you can get maximum storage space of about 64GB and also it will not offer any Micro SD card expansion (as usual). So if you want more storage space in your iPhone 11 you have to purchase its $1250 variant which have 256 GB storage space. But at the same time in Samsung Galaxy’s Note 10 Plus $1000 variant you will get storage space of 128GB, you can also insert a micro SD card if you want to increase the storage space even more.

Price Tag

At the end we finally want to discuss the price of both of these smartphones. Keep one thing clear that Galaxy Note 10 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro are both flagship deices so obviously you cannot expect their price’s to be cheap. Now Apple has officially confirmed that starting price of iPhone 11 Pro will be $1100 on the other hand Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G enabled variant is available in $1027 and you can get it even under $1000 on sites like Amazon and Best Buy as well.

Here you have a realistic comparison between Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 Pro smartphone. This comparison proves that Galaxy Note 10 Plus has more advantages over iPhone 11 Pro such as it has Wireless Power share feature, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD card expansion, higher base storage, lower price and better design. On the other hand iPhone 11 Pro has only one thing better then Galaxy Note 10 Plus and which is the Processing power because of its A13 Bionic SoC Processor.

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