How to Install Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus TWRP Recovery with ODIN?

Although the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes with an array of features, still there are many people who are looking to customize them according to their needs and requirements. Thanks to the open source nature of the Samsung Galaxy devices and other Android phones that you can customize your devices and tweak the OS effortlessly.

Yes, you can Stock ROM your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus device effortlessly. But before that, you need to know how to install Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus TWRP Recovery. This post will walk you through the step by step procedure of installing TWRP recovery and rooting your Samsung S10 Plus devices.

So scroll down to get started.

Download Install TWRP Custom Recovery Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Installing Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus TWRP Recovery using Odin

Before we get started with the tutorial, the first thing you need to do to get started is to confirm your device’s model number. You will be able to check that in the Phone’s About section by visiting the Settings app in your Samsung Galaxy S10. After you have verified your phone’s model number, you need to install a few things beforehand to get started.


You need to have a PC with the installed: (The latest download links to missing files will be updated as soon as they are made available for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus)

  1. Samsung ODIN
  2. Samsung USB Drivers
  3. RMM State Bypass
  4. Latest Samsung Antiroot Removal Tool
  5. No Verity Zip
  6. Modified Magisk Installer

Also, download TWRP for your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Once you have downloaded all these things, the next thing you need to do is to make sure that your phone has at least 60% battery. In addition to that, you would also need to back up your data as the phone will be wiped clean after this process.

Now that you have done everything, you need to change the settings of your mobile device before getting started, otherwise, you will have to wait 7 days in order to carry out the process again. For this,

  1. Visit the “Settings” app in your Samsung Galaxy device and go to About Phone section. From there, tap on the Software Information and tap the Build Number 7 to 8 times. This will allow you to enable “Developer Options”.
  2. Now, head over to Developer Options and look for an option that says OEM Unlock. You need to enable that option as well by toggling it ON.
  3. Now on the same screen, search for USB debugging and turn it ON as well.

Your device is now ready to carry out the process.

Installing TWRP & Rooting Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Once you have downloaded all the required software and changed the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S10, you can now follow the following steps in order to install TWRP and Root your device.

  1. Take your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus device and press and hold the Volume down + Bixby + Power button at the same time. You need to hold the buttons until you see a new screen with a warning sign.
  2. On the warning screen, you need to press the Volume Up button in order to continue. This will put you in the Download Mode.
  3. Now reboot your computer, where you have installed USB drivers.
  4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus device using the USB data cable to the computer.
  5. On your PC, extract the Odin file and double click it to open the software.
  6. When the Odin Window opens, you will see a blue color box of ID:COM. If you don’t see the colored box, restart your PC and connect your phone again using an original data cable.
  7. You should see an Added message in the tab of the Odin software. Once Odin has recognized your device, click on the AP button inside the Odin Windows and choose the TWRP tar that you downloaded for your device, earlier.
  8. In the Odin Window, click the Start button and as soon as your phone’s screen goes black, you need to press the Volume Up + Bixby + power buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed.
  9. You can let go the Power button, as you see the phone’s power up screen, but don’t let go the Volume UP and Bixby button. Keep the two buttons pressed until you see the TWRP loading screen.
  10. You have now booted into the TWRP mode but there are few steps more to complete the process.
  11. When the TWRP Screen loads, you need to select Keep Read Only.
  12. Now choose the Wipe option and tap on Format Data. Type yes and complete the process. This will wipe your phone completely but if you have a microSD card in the phone, the data on that card will be safe.
  13. Do not reboot your phone yet.
  14. Now the next step is to head back to TWRP home and tap on the Reboot and then Recovery option.
  15. On the next screen, you have to tap on Do not Install. TWRP will now be rebooted.
  16. Once the TWRP is rebooted, you need to tap on Keep Read Only button. Now connect your phone to PC and your computer shall identify your phone now.
  17. From your computer, head to This PC option and select Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  18. Now copy everything that you downloaded before in the Pre-requisite section including – RMM State Bypass, Latest Samsung Antiroot Removal Tool, No Verity Zip and latest Magisk Installer.
  19. Paste these copied files into your phone’s internal storage. Once that is done, disconnect your phone from PC.
  20. Now on your phone, tap on Install TWRP in the TWRP screen. There will be all the files that you had copied from your PC.
  21. Flash them one by in the order mentioned below:
  22. Firstly, flash the no verity opt zip file. And once it is done, go back to TWRP home screen and then tap on the Recovery.
  23. Again tap on Do not Install and TWRP will be rebooted.
  24. Go back to Install after TWRP has loaded and choose the RMM State Bypass zip file from there and flash it.
  25. You don’t need to reboot recovery now. Just go back to Install and choose the Magisk zip file that you have copied in your storage. This will flash it. Flashing it will take some time so you need to be patient during this process.
  26. After Magisk has been flashed, go back to Install again and flash the last file named Samsung Antiroot Removal Tool zip.
  27. Now reboot the phone into Android by tapping on the Reboot system. Your phone will reboot itself twice.
  28. After the reboot has been completed and your phone is on, you will have to set up the phone again.

Now unlock the phone and go to the Play Store, Search and Install Magisk Manager. Look up an app named Magisk Manager in your apps drawer. That’s it. You are good to go!

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