Download Instagram Android App for Samsung Phones

Instagram is one of the most popular social media app on both the platforms – Android and iOS. This extremely popular application is used to share quick videos and pictures that require only a few touches and filters to share it with the world. Not only it has gained popularity because of its photo and video sharing thing, but its recent updates also added fun filters and face effects that have increased its popularity.

The app was released for the public in the year of 2010 and its later updates made it better and better every day, that now we have got an almost flawless version of Instagram on our mobile devices.

What’s Inside Instagram Android App for Samsung Phones?

Download Instagram Android App for Samsung Phones

Well, over billion users of Instagram would know what is inside the Instagram, but for my job, Instagram opens traditionally in its home page where you can see the photos and videos of the people you follow. At the top of the screen, you will see the circles representing “Stories”.

The “+” sign located at the bottom of the screen will allow you to add your pictures and videos while adding the filters and effects with a single touch of your finger. There are several filters and effects offered by Instagram that you can adjust over your media. When you are satisfied, you can add a caption to your media and also can share the same on other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr automatically.

Video Features

With Instagram, you can shoot videos of your own, add filters to them and share them with your followers just like photos. The Instagram lets you shoot videos for several seconds. You can also delete the sections of your videos as you are making it, thereby letting you fix a section without having to start over. Not only this, you can also import video from your phone to share it directly to your followers.

Explore Others’ Postings

The home page will give you a news feed of the people you follow, be it your friends, your colleagues, celebrities or anybody on Instagram. You can see their photos, videos and react to their photos with a “Heart” sign. You can also share the interesting ones with your friends or BFFs directly in the messages without letting the person know.

Save The Posts

You can also save the posts in your virtual library on Instagram to look later. The update of Instagram offers this feature that allows them to save the posts for their later convenience.

Go Live

The latest Instagram features allow the users to go live via video and connect with their friends and followers right away. The live stories vanish when you are done.

Send Self-Destructing Photos and Videos

Just like Snapchat, Instagram lets you send disappearing photos and videos in the DM, for your privacy and safety.

DM For Private Chats

The direct messaging feature lets you connect with your friends and followers and even the public in private rooms.

Download Instagram Android App for Samsung Phones

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+

Instagram is one of the favorite social media apps all across the globe with some unique features and community interaction. “It remains the top quick photos and video sharing app with the optimal user interface.”

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