Hyperion Launcher Android App for Samsung Phones

A fully featured launcher, with a beautiful UX is every one’s dream. Launcher is not merely a home, it has to be an experience. It should always be up to date with whatever latest Google has offered, and whatever new customization options users are longing for.

In this post we will check out and review Hyperion Launcher Android App for Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Hyperion Launcher Android App for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Hyperion Launcher Android App for Samsung Phones


Hyperion Launcher App brings the best features from a lot of other good launchers and thus provides ultimate user experience.

1: Beautiful Color Schemes

Hyperion launcher comes with meticulously designed theme. The name of theme developer is Manuel Möllmann. There is dock background color, folder background color, search widget colors and smart widget colors. You can adjust the glows and enjoy scrolling indicator color.

2: Great Iconography

There are a lot of icon customization options available in Hyperion launcher. Icon size, Label size, Text color, Text shadows, Multiple lines etc. You can enjoy adaptive icon shaping with pro version.

3: Size

Hyperion launcher is a light weight app. It only consumes 4.4 Mega bytes on memory.

4: Active Installs

Currently, it has been installed on more than 100,000 devices.

5: Rating

It has been rated 3 out of 5 starts, by most of the users.

6: Requirements

You need Android 5.0 or up to smoothly run Hyperion Launcher.

7: In-app Products

The price of in-app products is $2.00 per item.

8: Typography

Typography is amazing, its full launcher of font change.

9: Interface

An extremely attractive interface is what stands out Hyperion in the list of launchers. You will find a lot of covers for your folders, just swipe up to open or mask the folder with same icon. View a lot of icon packs available and select the one without having to quit any activity. Moreover, there are hidden apps too.

Long pressing the screen would result in opening the menu. View the menu items. Desktop locking is available which includes temporary locking. Some of the more interesting features are:

  • Scrolling wallpaper
  • Wallpaper gradient adjustments
  • Status bar and navigation bar icon coloring
  • Drawer and dock blur
  • Navigation bar display
  • Google Feed i.e(Hyperion Dock)
  • Custom Feed (Soon to be added)
  • It remembers app drawer position and automatically closes
  • Dock Indicator Styling
  • Page Indicator Styling
  • Dock styling
  • Dock shadow
  • Two row dock
  • Automatically hides icon pack
  • Different grids; Desktop, Drawer and Dock
  • The google search widget
  • Google smart widget, which needs not launcher plugin, bypass.
  • One or two finger double tap
  • Swipe up and swipe down

10: Animations

There are different kinds of animations available in Hyperion Launcher. Bounce physics, fade on swipe transition, app launch animation and launcher animation speed.

11: Profile Manager

It is visual and will always show you a screen of what your setup looks like. Cloud sync option will be available very soon in the pro version.

12: New Features

In the new release, you can fix all reported crashes, cut off search bar and cut off icon labels. Also you can fix crash with notification dots.

Download Hyperion Launcher with Gesture Control App for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

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hyperion launcher
hyperion launcher
Developer: prjkt.io
Price: Free+

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