How to Get Look & Feel of Android Pie 9.0 on Galaxy S7 Edge?

No doubt, Android Pie has become the talk of the town and why not? It has got so many powerful features that not only give your mobile phone a new and polished look but also it comes with so many tweaks that will change the way you used to use your Android phones.

How to Get Look & Feel of Android Pie 9.0 on Galaxy S7 Edge?

Yes, from Bixby home to your notification panel, from app drawers to the change in icons, the Android Pie has got so many interesting features for the Android users that they are dying to get. But how will you get the look and feel of Android Pie 9.0 on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

This is what we are about to disclose…

Get the Look and Feel of Android Pie 9.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

So here’s what you need to do in order to get the feel and the polished look of Android Pie 9.0 on your Samsung Galaxy devices.

1. Get Flick Launcher

The Flick launcher is the launcher that comes with the inspired design of the Google Pixel launcher, but of course with a few new tweaks. The app will allow you to get the exact same interface as that of the Android P, while allowing you to customize the rest of the features like app shortcuts, app drawer etc. In addition to that, the app also comes with a handful of interesting features borrowing from Android Pie that includes:

  1. Changed icons
  2. Notification settings
  3. Tweaks in docks
  4. Folders
  5. Pages
  6. Gestures support
  7. Improved security

And much more. This app will give you exactly the same features that the Android Pie boasts. So you need to install the Flick launcher on your mobile device that will give you all the features from Android Pie 9.0, free of cost.

Flick Launcher
Flick Launcher
Developer: Michele Lacorte
Price: Free+

2. Get Another Widget App

In addition to the rounded interface, larger icons, improved Bixby and app drawer, another highlight of the Android Pie is its Widget and that you can get on your Samsung device by installing an app called “Another Widget”. The app allows you to give the same feel as that of Android Pie 9.0 without downloading any kinds of themes or extensions.

All you need to install the app from Google Play Store and enjoy the latest Android Pie 9.0 Widget on the go. The best part of getting this app is that it allows you to customize the information displayed and the widget components, effortlessly and on the go. So get it downloaded from Google Play Store and enjoy the Android Pie 9.0, without even having to wait for the official update to roll out for your device.

Another Widget
Another Widget
Developer: Tommaso Berlose
Price: Free+

Apart from these two apps to enjoy look and feel of Android Pie 9.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can also check out Best Android Pie Launcher Apps for Android and Android Pie ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge.

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