Download Hidey Hole Camera Notch Wallpapers for Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 series comes with a futuristic technology that no Android phone has seen till date. From the next level processors to futuristic camera technology, from its incredible unbelievable edge to edge display and fast and wireless charging, Samsung Galaxy S10 series is something beyond revolutionary. With this being said, Samsung Galaxy S10 series has won the hearts of million people, all across the globe.

With its so many perks, this series came with the punch hole cutout design that is a matter of concern for some people. If you are one of the people who want to hide that cutout hole from the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, we have you covered. Although you cannot make that hole go away but definitely mask it for good. So here’s how you can do it.

Download Hidey Hole Camera Notch Wallpapers for Galaxy S10 Plus

Download Hidey Hole Camera Notch Wallpapers for Galaxy S10 Plus

In order to make the edge to edge display a reality, Samsung introduced a punch hole, cutout design that sometimes looks hideous while you are using your smartphone. But not anymore! Thanks to the Hidey Hole Camera Notch Wallpapers app for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other phones in the series that aggregates wallpapers to hide and mask the hole.

The app works really great on all the phones in the series while allowing you to make your phone look great. Here are some of the key features that this app has to offer:

1. Tons of Incredible Wallpapers For Your S10+ Smartphone

Are you out of wallpapers to hide that hideous hole in your Samsung Galaxy S10? Well, this application has you covered. The app comes with a wide collection of wallpapers that not only decorates your home and lock screen but also hides the cutout hole in the design. Great, isn’t it?

2. Lots of Categories

In addition to providing you with tons of wallpapers, the app comes with loads of categories to choose wallpaper from. Whether you are into the cartoon genre or a music lover, this app has all that you need, providing you with plenty of options to choose from.

3. Wide Customization Options

Besides offering you tons of categories and wallpapers on hand, the Hidey Hole application offers you with the wide customization options. You can adjust the image according to your needs and requirements or the way you like it. There are multiple customization options like brightness adjustment, black point enhancement, contrast adjustment and much more.

4. Device Filtering

Whether you are a Samsung Galaxy S10 user or an S10 Plus user, this app has you covered. The device filtering options provide you with the wallpapers dedicated to the specific S10 model so that you can find the right wallpaper for your phone, without wasting much of your time.

In addition to that, the new wallpapers and categories are updated every six hours so you can never run out of cool wallpapers for your Samsung Galaxy S10 series. The app is completely free so get it downloaded.

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