Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email Client on Android Samsung Phones

The Time Warner Cable Internet service provider provides you an email service, which is known as the Roadrunner email. There are chances that you have been given a Roadrunner email account, if you are using this ISP. You can access your Roadrunner email account by using an email client or through web-mail (browser) from your Samsung Android smartphone. In this guide we will explain the whole procedure of how you can setup Roadrunner email client via your Android Samsung Mobile device.

Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email Client on Android Samsung Phones

Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email Client on Android Samsung Phones

There’s no way around the fact that email is not only still relevant but crucial for many business and personal communique, despite the fact that you can send SMS and other types of messages from mobile. It is very important to have one of the best email clients at the ready, when you have to manage your email on the go.

Procedure to Setup Roadrunner Email for Android

Below we have listed all the necessary settings you should know, if you want to access your Roadrunner email account from your Samsung Android device.

  • First open the Email Application
  • Then enter your Roadrunner email ID and tap Next.
  • Now Select Personal (POP3) and tap Next.
  • Here type in your Roadrunner account’s password, then press Next.

Enter the Incoming Server Settings (POP3 Settings & Port)

  • Username: Enter your full email address, at the end you must include (It depends on your location. For instance it can be or something else).
  • Password: Your Roadrunner web-mail password.
  • Server: (again this will base on your location)
  • Port: 110
  • Security type: None

Input the Outgoing Server Settings (SMTP Settings & Port)

  • Server: (domain varies based on location as well).
  • Port: 587 (May also be 25)
  • Security type: None
  • Require sign-in: Check
  • Username: (again domain varies on your location)
  • Password: Your Roadrunner email password.
  • Now Tap on Next option, then tap Next
  • After that enter your name in the Your name People who’ll receive emails from you, will see this name.
  • Tap on Next, That all.

Try Following Alternative Settings Only if the Above Settings Doesn’t Work

  • Incoming server:
  • Outgoing server:

This procedure is not complex at all. We have tried our best to simplify all the steps, so everyone can understand them easily without having any problem. Please note that you just have to follow this guide as it is. Do not skip or ignore any instructions, otherwise it can result in failure. If you have followed all the steps correctly then you have just successfully setup the Roadrunner email for your Samsung Android device. You can now access your Roadrunner email account via your Android smartphone.

If for some reason you don’t want to use Roadrunner or you just want a simple alternative, then you can use Gmail as a substitute any time. Gmail is one of the most popular email clients around, with over a billion monthly active users. The company has recently picked up a host of new features since it has come a long way from its inception in 2004. There are plenty of ways to get the best out of Gmail via using your Samsung Android smartphone.

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