Google Might Stop Android 10 Users from Sideloading Android Apps via APK Files

Google might soon introduce a new protection feature, which will block sideloading on Android devices. The company has taken this initiative to protect those Google accounts which are most at risk. Google has updated an Application to the latest version on the Play Store which we have decompiled. Various lines in this code of the latest update has revealed that there is a possibility of new protection features in future. But there is also a chance of Google might or might not ever includes these features.

Google Might Stop Android 10 Users from Sideloading Apps via APK Files

Google Might Stop Android 10 Users from Sideloading Apps via APK Files

Please keep in mind that our interpretation of this changing in the code of an Application might be imperfect since Google hasn’t announced any statement about that yet. The purpose of our today’s article is to aware you that in case Google unrolled the safety feature then how they will impact in future.

Advanced Protection Program Members

The people who have signed up their account with Google Advanced protection program, their accounts and devices will be provided with even higher level of security by Google. The main priority will be digital security but there will be physical security involved in the form of titan security key. For example if you are a member of Google’s advanced protection then you will be strongly warned or will be prevented from downloading risky files.

The Update Version 17.8.14

This week Play Store has received an update version 17.8.14, in that  we have traced strong possibility that in future Google might could introduce a big Safety feature to bock non Play Store App under the name of Advanced Protection.

<string name=”advanced_protection_dialog_title”>App blocked by Advanced Protection</string>

<string name=”advanced_protection_dialog_message”>”For additional security, Advanced Protection won’t allow apps from outside the Google Play Store.”</string>

This is the clear indication that Play Store will be able to block sideloading Apps for Advanced Protection users.

Play Protect Scan


For the people who want Android Apps which are not available on Play store, it seems like Google will introduce some kind of an alternative. Since making the decision of blocking sideloading Android App for Advanced Protected accounts is not easy for the company itself. To block the sideloading Apps straight away, Play Store will first scan each App you want to install with Play Protect before allowing the installation.

Video Demo

We were able to fully enable the new Advanced Protection Program features of the Google Play Store with a bit more effort, we have also captured them on video. Play Protect first scans the APK file before allowing us the installation, when we were attempting to sideload and update the files in the first video demo.

Then Play Protect instantly prevents us from the installation of an Android App which is not available on the Google Play Store. Which indicates that users in the Advanced Protection Program could potentially be limited to Apps that can be found only on the Play Store, since we didn’t change any other settings to trigger this behavior.

There are many Android users who relies on non-Play Store Apps that’s why we can only hope that the safety features to block sideloading will not impact all of the advanced protection members. As we all know that there are many great Android Apps which are not available on Play Store for some reasons. To get them any Android user will have to go for Non Play Store sources, but at the same time users will need the kind of safety offered by advanced protection program of Google.

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