Google Chrome 77 Lets You Share Web Pages with Android Smartphones

A stable version 77 of Chrome has been rolled out recently by Google. In this version Google also has introduced two new features, which are ability to share web pages across various devices including Android smartphones and a revamped download menu. In the past these features were hidden inside of the Google Chrome’s experimental flags options, that’s why they are not exactly as new. But now you don’t need to enable them from any flags, since they are already available on the generic platform.

Google Chrome 77 Lets You Share Web Pages with Android Smartphones

Google Chrome 77 Lets You Share Web Pages with Android Smartphones

In this post we will guide you about how you can use the new Chrome Browser to share web pages across various devices like desktops and Android smartphones.

Sync Devices to Share Web Pages

For both Android and desktop versions of Google Chrome, the feature of sending web pages across various devices is available now. Just open any tab and right click on it from your PC. Among all the available functions, there would be one named as Send to <your device>, it would mention the actual name instead of your device. The most important thing is that it must have the same Google ID as the sender has, although the device could be any tablet, mobile or PC.


The Android Version

Open the desired content and tap on the three vertical dots present at the top right, on the Android version of Chrome. Then just simply tap on Share and select Send to your device. On the concerned device you will then get a notification. To open the web page that you just have received, simply tap on it. Amazingly this feature works quite well on Chrome’s version 76 as well.


Download’s Section UI has Been Changed

Sharing web pages across all of your devices is not the only feature introduced by Google in the Chrome’s version 77. Google has also changed the UI of the Download section, as we have already mentioned. The problem is that Google Chrome version 77 is not available on the Play Store for every region yet, and this change is only visible on its latest version 77.

Chrome Browser’s Revamped Download Section

The user interface of the Download section of Google Chrome has been also changed. You will now have two categories MY FILES and ARTICLES FOR YOU under this section, located at the top bar. My Files tab shows all the files that are downloaded, paused downloads and those which have been downloaded. There are three filters All, Images and Others, just beneath My Files tab. It shows the respective file types, as evident from its name. All the articles that Chrome has saved for offline viewing based on your search results and preferences, will be shown in the Articles for You tab.


Not everyone have gotten this update yet, which makes this feature Chrome version 77 exclusive only. Users on version 76 and below could try out this revamped Downloads section by going to chrome://flags and search for Enable download home v2, then change the Default option to Enabled. A reboot of your browser may be required for the change to take place. Until Google roll out this update for previous Chrome versions as well.


Many of you might still be using the Chrome v76 as we have mentioned above before. So do keep a tab on the latest version 77. It could be done via the Play Store, on your Android Device. The same could be done by going to Help then in About Google Chrome, as far as the desktop version is concerned.

Download Google Chrome 77 For Android Smartphones

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

It seems like pretty soon the latest version of the Chrome browser will be rolled out for everyone. Which will enable the Android users to enjoy sharing web pages across various synced devices feature of Google Chrome browser.

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