How to Get OLD with FaceApp for Android Samsung Galaxy S10?

Life is too short to be boring. This is what the new viral photo editing application, FaceApp, comes with a motto. The application not just helps you just transform your photos, but also help you do some really fun and amazing stuff. Yeah, it helps you see what you would look like in a decade or two with its “Aging” feature.

So want to know what this app is all about and how you can see yourself transformed within a period of 10 years? We have you covered. Here’s what the FaceApp for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 is all about. Do not forget to check out Top 5 Best Old Age Transformation Android Apps.

How to Get OLD with FaceApp for Android Samsung Galaxy S10?

How to Get OLD with FaceApp for Android Samsung Galaxy S10?

If you are a social media user, you might have scrolled through the “aged” faces of young actors with the caption – “If I make through 2090”. Well, all thanks to the newest, viral app FaceApp. The app does not let you add an aging factor to your face but also let you improve your selfie and have some fun with its other amazing features.

These features include:

1. Advanced Neural Portrait Editing Technology

The best part about this face photo editing application is that it comes with the advanced neural portrait editing technology to improve and enhance your selfies without any hassle. The app allows you to have fun with the gender swap, replace backgrounds, apply perfect makeup, add beautiful smiles, add tattoos and change your age. There are also a number of amazing filters and many other mind-blowing transformations that you would love to have.

2. Apply Perfect Makeup

Want a selfie to impress someone? FaceApp has you covered with its makeup feature. This feature lets you apply perfect makeup on your selfies, change the lipstick colors, add contouring and blushers, smoothen out the skin and covers the blemishes for a perfect selfie.

3. Add Magic To Your Pictures

Is your selfie too boring to share on your social media? FaceApp lets you add magic to your selfies that will make them sharable and perfect. You can add beard, glasses, change hairstyles and even hair colors to add life and transformation that you always wanted. Great, isn’t it?

4. Add A Beautiful Smile

We always have a picture in your gallery that lacks a smile. We always wanted to share that one out with our friends but that dull picture is too sad to share. But not anymore. Thanks to the smile feature of the FaceApp that adds life to your pictures and let them smile like you always wanted. Interesting, right?

5. Change Your Age

Lastly, the best feature that added to the popularity of this app recently is its aging feature. This feature lets add 10 years to your selfie and give you a glance of what you would look like after a decade. In fact, there is a “look younger” feature as well, that will let you go back to your teen years and look beautiful like you were.

Download FaceApp for Android Samsung Galaxy S10

In addition to that, you can add amazing tattoos, change your hairstyles and do many amazing things with your selfies using this FaceApp app. So get it downloaded and share your transformations!

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