Download Game Booster Plus 2.0 Android App to Speed Up Games on Samsung Phones

Now a days a lot of people are playing very hi end games on Android Smartphones. Then there are also those people who developed these games and wanted to test them out on every setting. The Game booster 4x faster is equally beneficial Android App for you, no matter whether you are a mobile gamer or a game developer. Game Booster App optimizes your Android Samsung smartphone, so it runs on full throttle while you play or test out high end and graphic intensive games on extreme settings possible.

Game Booster Plus Android App to Speed Up Games on Samsung Phones

Game Booster App to Speed Up Games on Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Which ultimately helps the game to run a lot smoother without having any lag or stuttering issues, during the game play.

GPU Turbo


Game Booster Android App increases the graphics processing efficiency of your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus by 60 percent and reduces the SoC power consumption by 30 percent. With this App you can also enable HDR picture quality and special effects in gaming. Game Booster App really makes the overall experience of its users rich and fluid. It is among the one of must have Apps for hardcore mobile gamer’s and game developers.

Ultra Boost


The Ultra Boost feature increase the functionality of Game Booster Android App even more, by offering you tons of option. Such as

– All CPU cores will be running at max speed.

– All CPU cores will be forced to stay awake.

– CPU will be optimized for max performance.

– RAM-Free Tweak will be applied.

– Boost the game’s connection speed.

– Use AI to optimize your game.

Advanced Setting


The advanced setting of the Game Booster Android App enables you to maximize the performance of your smart phone Samsung Galaxy S10 plus to the Fullest.

– Hardware-Accelerated Rendering

– Boost internet connection

– GPU Optimization

– Memory Boost

– Junk Cleaner

– Battery saver mode

– Zero Lag

It Speed’s Up the Internet Connection


A lot of mobile gamer’s use to play multiplayer and online games these days. The common problems they have to face very often are high ping and slow internet connections. Game Booster App resolves this issue by accelerating the internet speed to fix up the ping issues. This awesome Android App specifically boosts up the game’s connection speed, which end results in stabilizing the network.

Game Booster is without a doubt the most advanced Android App for optimizing the gaming experience on any Android Smartphones.  The user friendly interface of this App makes it very simple to use for any one. Now you can play or test out high end Android games faster and smoother than ever before on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with the ultimate Game Booster App.

Download Game Booster Plus Android App to Speed Up Games on Samsung Phones

game-booster-plus-4x-faster-games-android-2.0.apk | 3.7MB

This App is available on Google play store, just press the above download button to get Game Booster right now.

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