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Grand Theft Auto, well, this game surely needs no introduction for the gaming nerds. This game is among the top video games that are available for purchase at local video game store as well as on the electronic stores for Samsung Galaxy S10+. The game has the handful of sequels ranging from GTA Vice City to GTA Game Boy Advance, with all having some merits and demerits.

So, here I have brought you with the fresh review of Galaxy S10 GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas on Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Before getting started with the review, we recommend all Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ fans to use Wireless Gamepad with their Galaxy S10+ for best and ultimate gaming experience in GTA Gaming Series..


Review of GTA Vice City For Samsung Galaxy S10+


Finally, with the release of Samsung Galaxy S10, the GTA Vice City is on the Play Store. GTA Vice City is one of the most famous and no doubt, most played game that is finally available on Play Store for download. The game is full of adventures but it is full of number of pros and cons. The game may not be the perfect Grand Theft Auto game, but i9t is the perfect game that can provide you with the unbelievable Grand Theft Auto experience.  Let us have a look at some of the pros of this game:

Pros of GTA Vice City

  1. The GTA Vice City S10 comes with the updated and beautiful graphics with the host of new features.
  2. The game has upgraded models, characters, and greatly lightening effects.
  3. The game also has the new, precise tailored firing and targeting options.
  4. The controls are custom with the fully customized layout
  5. Incredible audio and visual experience.
  6. In addition to all, the game supports the languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian and Japanese. So that the people from all over the world can enjoy the S10 version of GTA Vice City.

Cons of GTA Vice City

  1. On the negative side, besides having lot of adjustments in the controlling section, the controls are really complicated. The players need to have lots of fine controls
  2. The game requires lot of space as compared to other games. You will need to have 1.5 GB available in your phone in order to run this game.
  3. The crime of the Grand Theft Auto is encouraged in the video game series that is considered to be a serious crime in United States.

Download GTA Vice City For Galaxy S10+ From Play Store

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


No doubt, there is lot of small problems in GTA Vice City but for those, who are looking to past its flaws, the game is adventure packed and full of fun as it is since its evolution.

A Review of GTA San Andreas Galaxy S10


This is another version of the Grand Theft Auto that is another among the best game of the Rockstar’s. The game is based on the fictional Island lying somewhere in United States. San Andreas surely lives up to the name of Grand Theft Auto that is arguably the best game in the series. Here is the look at some pros and cons of GTA San Andreas Galaxy S10 version:


  1. The graphics are the plus for the game, as always.
  2. The game is built specifically for the mobile version with the light enhancements, enriched color pallets, and improved character models which make it better looking version.
  3. The game provides the dual analog stick controls that offers full camera and movement controls.
  4. The characters of the game are customized and made fully adjustable.
  5. The weapons of this game are its plus. Range of weapons includes heavy machine guns, chainsaws etc.
  6. The languages supported are English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.


  1. The Frame rate of the game is odd. It could have been much smoother.


Overall, there is not that much problem with the game. The game is super entertaining, enjoyable with the superb graphics and audio.

Download GTA San Andreas For Galaxy S10+ From Play Store

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


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Download GTA Liberty City Stories For Galaxy S10+ From Play Store

GTA: Liberty City Stories
GTA: Liberty City Stories
Developer: Rockstar Games
Price: $6.99

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