Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Get Official Android Pie 9.0 Update in 2019?

With the Android Pie update rolling out in the market, the Android users are looking and wondering if their phones are getting it. We know you are desperate and for the sake of your desperation, we are here bring everything that we know about the Android Pie release for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Get Official Android Pie 9.0 Update in 2019?

Owners of the older devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge are starting to think about the future of their phones. Well, if you are one of the owners of Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, this post is for you.

Scroll down to read what the Android Pie is all about and is it going to roll to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or not.

The Key Features of Android Pie for Android Samsung Galaxy Users

Just like any other software update, the Android Pie has definitely got some cool features for the Android users. Here are some of them mentioned:

  1. Adaptive Battery
  2. Dark Mode
  3. App Timer
  4. Adaptive Brightness
  5. Accessibility Menu
  6. New Screenshot Shortcut
  7. A New Home Button
  8. New Gesture Navigation
  9. Improved DND Mode
  10. Improved Message App

In addition to that, there are loads of other tweaks that you’ll get with the Android Pie. But the question is, is your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge getting this update?

When to Expect Android Pie Update, if you Own a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

As a matter of fact, Samsung hasn’t updated anything about which device will get the Android Pie update and which devices will not. And we expect it will take a few months before Samsung makes any official announcement on which devices will get the Android Pie update, so here’s what your fate as a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users, according to our estimate.

Samsung’s first official Android Pie updates are likely to hit the newer devices first at the end of January. And by newer devices, we mean Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9. After that, the company will shift its focus on the former flagships including Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S8 Active and Galaxy Note 8 before getting its attention towards the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This means you have to wait for a few more months to get even considered.

Wait, wait! This doesn’t mean that your device is not on the list. According to our sources, the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Active are still on the company’s list for security updates. This means, you have got your chance. And if even between this period, if Samsung decides not to bring the Android Pie to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, software update and support won’t support. You can still get updates for a revamped phone. Although it is highly unlikely that Samsung will consider Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge for Android Pie update. You can give a try to Android Pie on Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge with Lineage OS 16.

So can expect a steady flow of software updates (likely based on Android 8.0 Oreo) throughout the year. You can also get the Samsung Experience 10 Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to taste the flavor of Android Pie right away, without having to wait this much to get it officially.

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