Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S20 Plus vs. Galaxy S20

Just a few days ago Samsung has launched the new Galaxy S20 series of flagship smartphones, in this pack the smartphone for which almost every Android user is excited for is Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

We have checked this impressive phone in detail at the launch and if you want to know details about it then you are at the right place.

The Galaxy S20 series especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone is all about the latest camera system with 100x zoom capabilities which have taken mobile photography to the whole new level.

On a Samsung phone for the first time offering a new 108-megapixel sensor for the main shooter, the camera array on the back is simply gigantic.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Trailer Introduction HD Official Video (Full Video)

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S20 Plus vs. Galaxy S20

To enable a 10X hybrid optic zoom there is a periscope zoom camera as well. Not only the cameras are all that new but there are other changes as well.

For extra smooth output in the display department, the screen now supports a 120-Hertz refresh rate. To guarantee the great battery life a huge 5,000mAh cell battery has been included.

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S20 Plus vs. Galaxy S20

Samsung will be offering support for this faster network s well in the countries where a 5 G network already exists. As we have said earlier that we have spent quite some time with the Galaxy S20 Ultra flagship smartphone and honestly it has impressed us.

We have mentioned below a quick review of this beast smartphone.

Specs & Features of Galaxy S20 Series Smartphones


Giant-Size But Amazing Design 

Probably this phone’s sheer size is the most striking feature of the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone. In simple words, it is just gigantic unlike any big smartphone out there.

As compared to the last year’s Galaxy S10 Plus this smartphone is much larger and more voluminous since the screen size is 6.9 inches.

you should definitely consider smaller S20 and S20 Plus models if you prefer to use compact phones, but in that case, you will obviously need to compromise on some features.


It’s made of glass and metal, e, The Samsung S20 Ultra 5G smartphone still looks gorgeous even though nothing new regarding the build since it is made out of glass.

But at the same time as you would expect every bit of this premium smartphone as luxurious and premium feel. However, it will get easily smudged with fingerprints, even if you hold it for a while when cleaned. If you ask Samsung, it launches in just two colors: gray and black, or Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black.

Keep in mind that you will not have the color options of fun pink and blue with the other two S20 phones here. One more important thing worth mentioning here that Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone does not have a headphone jack.

The Company has ditched it, not only that even the AKG tuned headphones now come with a USB-C connector that Samsung includes in the box.

Revolutionary Display of 120-Hertz 

Tiny bezels and the front camera in the center with the punch hole design accompanied by large 6.9 inches screen the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is without a doubt pretty big phone.

The screen looks incredible in person with deep blacks and great viewing angles, juicy and delightful colors it is AMOLED in its new and most advanced shape.

But the refresh rate of 120 hertz is the number one killer new feature this smartphone has introduced. According to Samsung even at lower brightness levels, this refresh rate works perfectly.

That is why in 120 hertz all looks smooth and buttery. However, the only limitation is that you can use it while the Full HD resolution is enabled.

You will not have 120 hertz available if you want the full quad HD resolution. And in between, there’s absolutely no 90-hertz option available.

Amazing Latest Camera Setup

The huge camera hump that looks massive on the back of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone will give you a bit of shock when you will see it in person.

As we have mentioned earlier the new 108-megapixel main camera and then three more cameras are the two reasons for this size. The main camera includes the largest sensor ever on a Galaxy phone then the three other cameras, the ultra-wide, the ultra-wide Depth Vision, and a brand new periscope zoom lens on the bottom.


So you can zoom further without losing much clarity and it also provides you an impressive 10X optical zoom. It can digitally zoom up to a mind-boggling 100 time when pushed to its limits, That is why Samsung has given it the nickname of the Space Zoom for a reason.

Pictures look blurred and you’d better get a tripod along of course, at 100 times zoom, so don’t expect great quality, but at 30 times zoom move one stop short of that, you will get a surprisingly decent picture by just keeping the phone in your hand.

The pictures will look quite impressive when you will go to the 10 times native zoom. The camera specs of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are as follows.

  • The main camera of 108 megapixels
  • Ultra-wide OIS 12 megapixels
  • telephoto f/2.2 48 megapixels
  • (ToF) 40-megapixel f/3.5, OIS DepthVision front camera

Despite the fact that to produce 12 megapixels snaps by default the camera will merge 9 single pixels into one, for full resolution images you can still use those 108 megapixels on the main camera.

Other Features of the Latest Camera 

We have mentioned some quick details about the features you will find in the camera App of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G down below.


  • Hyper-lapse Options for Night: The large new camera now helps you to catch a nighttime hyper-lapse. A Hyperlapse is a form of video that accelerates time and can be very impactful. Now, you can have it look really clean and noise-free with the bigger sensor.
  • Single Take: While the phone takes photos and videos with all the cameras Single Take lets you only keep the camera shutter, then automatically take out the best shots and moments in one file. You can use this feature in many ways like Have fun, hop or yell, be imaginative and catch it. In just one shot you will get a short film immediately, a bunch of stylized pictures, a few GIFs like funny animations and much more. To capture a moment it is a really great way and you can see it as if it was captured with everybody’s own unique view from a crowd of people.
  • Night Mode Version 2.0: In the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra night mode has also been enhanced, and in near-pitch black conditions it now brings up more light and color. Compared to what’s currently available in Note 10 and Galaxy S10 series, the change is quite significant.
  • Pro Video Mode: Pro Video Mode gives you manual control over things Just like it sounds such as ISO and shutter speed, so just like you can do on a DSLR camera, you can change the video’s brightness on Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  • 8K Quality Video: The Leading new camera feature’s 8K video that offers stunning detail. You can use it if you want that detail’s since it is not the default option, mainly because to save an 8K you will need massive storage., However in 8K video, while recording you can also capture 33 megapixels snaps of you want. You can share or beam 8 K videos to YouTube and on a compatible Samsung 8 K TV though when sending it to friends you can also convert the footage to a lower resolution.
  • Super Steady Options has Been improved: By clicking on the wavy hand icon in the camera interface you can activate the Super Steady option. Which will then get rid of the jerkiness and noise automatically from the videos and it’s perfect when you’re trying to film something while running with the camera or you are trying to capture something sporty and where you have to walk. Remember one important thing here that Super Steady option doesn’t use the main camera the instead it uses the ultra-wide camera with a substantial crop, so shooting videos in low light may not be the best fit.

5G Connectivity, Processor & Storage Details

The three Galaxy S20 phones will arrive in the United States with the latest Snapdragon 865 chip, while the ones with Samsung-made Exynos 990 chip instead will be available in the other majority of the countries.

Including the Galaxy, S20 Ultra 5 G coverage will also be available on all three devices but bear in mind that where there is no 5G network yet some markets will only get a 4 G version of the phones.

So for those countries, Samsung will ultimately need to cut the price. You’ll be happy to know that it will include support for both Sub6 bands and mmWave technology if you’re wondering what type of 5G networks the smartphone will support.

This means among all Samsung Galaxy S20 series of smartphones 5G support will be the best. The base version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra in terms of storage will come with 128GB of onboard storage.

Charging Time & Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G offers a huge 5,000mAh battery that even with the 120-Hertz screen and higher demands of a 5G network will provide enough strength.

On a flagship smartphone, this is Samsung’s biggest size battery ever in fact in any smartphone we know about. Although we don’t know about the official battery numbers yet.


The smartphone offers a 25-watt Fast Charge wall adapter in terms of charging and the charger itself features a USB-C connection for the first time, so in the box, you’ll also get a USB-C to a USB-C cable.

In the S20 series of Samsung, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the only one that via a separately purchased adapter supports fast charging speeds of 45 watts as we have seen in the Note 10 plus scenario earlier.

To the still-supported wireless charging, Samsung has also made some improvements so now it happens much quicker.

Price Tag & Availability

On T-Mobile from February 20th, you can pre-order the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it to finally arrive in stores for the low price of just $1400 it will take a while for this smartphone, by the way, this is the expected price tag of the 128-GB version of Galaxy S20 until March 6th.

The credits from the $200 Samsung shop and the free Buds+ can’t make it right. Sadly, the nightmare only continues with the 16GB/512 GB edition, it will be available for the whopping $1599.99 price tag on US carriers.

Bringing a smartphone-like Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G was the requirement for Samsung because in today’s market because every smartphone manufacturer wants to beat rivals with new and revolutionary features and specs.

The competition in the market is pretty tough and it is not an easy task for any company to convince users for buying their products since they have many other options.

But beefy features and specs mean that the price tag would be extremely high and the smartphone will be out of reach for many users who have a specific budget.

The majority of Smartphone brands are only focusing on premium and flagship devices to make them more and more advance. So if you are interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G then be ready to invest a lot of money on a mobile device.

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But at the same time, the features and specs which this smartphone is offering justify its price tag and yet there is no other smartphone of any brand which can compete with it in terms of specs.

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