How Many Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants will be there?

The start of the New Year brings lots of surprises for Android users. After the launch and release of Android Pie 9.0 update, the South Korean Giant is all set to launch the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S lineup on its 10th Anniversary.

How Many Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants will be there?

Just like every year, the company has packed lots of features in its lineup, but the thing that has got the Samsung freaks to wonder is about its variants. The lineup is going to be launched in an Unpacking event in San Francisco on Feb 20th, 2019 and with that, we have begun our countdown.

So here’s everything that we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants that you still need to know.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants – Things We Know

According to the rumors and facts, the South Korean Giant could be bringing familiar names with the release of its forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship. However, the rumors are buzzing that the upcoming lineup is going to be featuring three models of the Galaxy S10.

Yep, you have heard it right. Instead of just two Samsung Galaxy S10 phones with Infinity Displays, the South Korean Giant will be releasing a newer version this time that have the chances to be called as Lite version. This Lite variant from the Samsung Galaxy S10 variant is going to feature a flat display – that might open a way from the “Edge” branding to make a return.

As a matter of fact, the Edge version was introduced in the market back in 2016, that disappeared when the Samsung Galaxy S8 came out. Though S8 Lineup still came out with two variants, but the Edge term was cut lose to dry. However, the rumored lineup includes the Galaxy S10 Lite, the Galaxy S10 Edge and the Galaxy S10 plus. This is not what we are saying, but the news has been broken by a credible source – Mobile Fun, a mobile accessory provider.

Is the Fourth Galaxy S10 Coming?

Wait! Apart from those rumored three variants from the South Korean Giant, speculations also suggest that the Samsung is planning to release another version of Samsung Galaxy S10, that will support 5G network. This news has been confirmed by both Verizon and AT&T that they have partnered with Samsung to bring a smartphone that comes with 5G connectivity and network support, in the first half of the year 2019.

However, both the carriers have failed to specify the model for which they would bring 5G support, but it could be Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup.

So we have four Samsung Galaxy S10 variants expected – the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant. However, it is also possible for the Samsung to create and launch an entirely different 5G phone outside of the S and Note line altogether. In that case, we are left with only three variants.

But, we have to wait till 20th Feb to actually know which variants are going to make the market shelves. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and keep visiting us for more Samsung Galaxy S10 news and updates.

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