Galaxy S10 Scratch Test Video – Will Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Survive?

Samsung Galaxy S10 series comes with a fair amount of features that makes it one of the best Android flagship, ever produced, till date. Among an array of advanced features introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S10, the most anticipated feature, remains is its new in-display, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S10 Scratch Test Video - Will Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Survive?

This scanner, in addition to providing the ultimate secure, fingerprint scanning on the front of the device, also allows the Samsung to bring the gorgeous and beautiful rear of the phone. Moreover, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner being introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S10 series is said to be more secure and faster and is claimed to work even when there’s water or dust on your fingertips.

Galaxy S10 Durability Test - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scratched?!

Is that really the case? That’s what we are going to find out in this Samsung Galaxy S10 Scratch Test Video. A famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything tests out the durability of the scanner and the phone in general. He performed a scratch test on the screen and the results were mind-blowing.

Wondering can the ultimate ultrasonic fingerprint scanner of the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S10 handle a few scratches. Scroll down to discover.

What Happened to Samsung Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Scanner when Performed a Scratch Test?

The YouTuber continue to test the screen using different blades. He used a razor blade to scratch the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which comes built-inside the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10. He was surprised to see that all those unnatural, heavy scratchings didn’t compromise the functioning of the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The video is pretty brutal and will make you sad inside but the science must continue. Even with the heavy abuse, the fingerprint sensor worked fine and was able to unlock the phone every single time and that too, with no struggle. That means, the normal domestic scratches will never inhibit and compromise the functioning of the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

But is it going to survive the cracks? It was also covered in the video. The YouTuber bumped the things up to level 8, beyond scratches and deeper grooves. Yep, he made the glass screen of the S10 phone to crack and then tried to unlock the phone. Unfortunately, the phone was not able to work with the cracks. The cracks will foil the phone’s most secure biometrics option, though you can still draw the pattern and continue to use the phone, however, it is less secure and private.

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However, it is very unlikely that a regular user will end up scratching the glass this badly. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the scanner not working, unless you crack the glass. The video also showed that the phone is built quite well and will not crack and break easily under less pressure. Of course, you can expect the best with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series!

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