How to Fully Migrate WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone X to Samsung Phones via WazzapMigrator?

Whenever you switch from old to new smartphone, transferring data between the two devices could become headache. Especially your WhatsApp old messages and history, since it is the most commonly used chatting app worldwide. That’s why, in today’s post we have bring you the App called WazzapMigrator. If you have just switched from iPhone to Android, don’t worry. With WazzapMigrator you can move your WhatsApp history (texts and images) from iPhone X to your brand new Android Samsung phone in the most convenient way possible.

Fully Migrate WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone X to Samsung Phones via WazzapMigrator

How to Fully Migrate WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone X to Samsung Phones via WazzapMigrator

You can also migrate videos, GIF images and any other media files which you have received or sent from your previous smartphone IPhone X to your new Android Samsung device.

Transfer Your Data in 3 Simple Steps


If you transfer you data with any other way or by using any other third party App, then the procedure of transferring your data becomes extremely complex. Especially if you are doing it for the first time. On the other Hand WazzapMigrator can do this task in just 3 simple steps. The amazing thing is that with WazzapMigrator you can transfer your data even if you already have sold your old IPhone X.

Features of WazzapMigrator


This amazing Android App WazzapMigrator offers dozens of features and function for users, so they can easily import there private data. Such as

– Import messages and emoji

– Import images, audio, video, documents, locations and contacts

– Works even if you already sold/gave away your old iPhone, just be sure to have an iTunes backup on your PC/Mac

Worried About Privacy?


There are some similar Apps which might put your data at risk but there is no need to worry about your privacy if you are using WazzapMigrator. It is a completely safe to use Android App because while installing, it does not requires any permission from you for internet access. Which simply means that your data cannot leave your device by any means.

Safe and Secure


The WazzapMigrator Android App is a licensed App, which makes it 100% safe, secure and legal to use. Unlike some other similar App which are not officially registered. That’s why WazzapMigrator ensures that the data of the users is not at risk. WazzapMigrator provides you the best experience with satisfaction of security guaranteed.

Download WazzapMigrator App for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

WazzapMigrator is also compatible with mac and Pc. So if you have backed up your data in iTunes, you can import it in you Android Samsung smartphone. WazzapMigrator really makes it so easy and handy. The App itself is very simple to use. You just have to have the basic computer knowledge. The interface is very user-friendly. WazzapMigrator does also have video and audio tutorials built in. Which provides users very clear and helpful guidance. You can also find the walkthrough on the WazzapMigrator Official Website.

Developer: Nicola Beghin
Price: $8.49

Click on the Download Button above to get WazzapMigrator for your android Samsung phone right now.

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