Download Fortnite Installer APK 4.0.2 Battle Royale Android Shooter Game for Samsung Phones

The advancement in smartphone technology has brought a really enthralling upgrade for the players and gamers. Especially the phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus offer the ultimate gaming experience to the gamers, allowing them to fall in love right away. But only a few games are built for such phones and they are difficult to find, unfortunately.

However, the good news is, some games like Fortnite Battle Royale are really worth giving a shot on your new Samsung Galaxy devices. So here’s what you can expect from this game. This game is not yet released for Android OS, we will be updating the apk file of game, as soon as it is released.

Fortnite Installer APK 4.0.2 – Battle Royale Android Shooter Game for Samsung Phones

Fortnite Battle Royale Game for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Fortnite Battle Royale, just like its name sounds is a fantastic blend of battle and building that is unlike to be offered in any other game on the Play Store. Although this game is not yet available on the Play Store, but it is expected that the developers of this game are launching it for new Samsung and other Android devices soon or EpicGames Company might only release its APK version without releasing the game on Play Store. It’s only a matter of time till we find out.

The game has been available for the iPhone devices for a while now and it has managed to win the hearts of millions of gamers all across the globe because of its amazing gameplay, bland military simulation vibe and vivid colors. The game follows the storyline of launching up to 100 players onto a large but constantly shrinking map with the goal of gathering weapons and gear to become the last person or team left standing.

The other features that the game offers include:

1: Build & Destroy

Most of the people would not understand the purpose of building and destroying all along in the game but here’s a thing. Carrying over the building system from Save the World is a brilliant choice that sets Battle Royale apart not just from other battle royale games, but most competitive multiplayer games in general. It’s a massive system with so many possibilities that, at first blush, it can be daunting to try to figure out how to build the massive structures that others around you have created. Besides building, the second thing you need to focus on is saving your building from the opponents and destroy their buildings to become the last army standing.

2: Squad Up With Your Friends

You cannot build and destroy at the same time, so for this, you will be needing to squad up with your friends and compete to be the last one standing in 100-player PvP.

3: Incredible Building Mechanics

Fortnite’s building mechanic is an incredible system that allows for personal expression in a way that really isn’t present in many other competitive games. Thanks to the simple building system and robust design that you can use them strategically in the heat of battle, thereby allowing you to think and make decisions within split seconds.

Fortnite - Gameplay Trailer

Fortnite Battle Royale - iOS Launch Trailer

In other words, Fortnite Battle Royale is a chaotic fun system that makes fights a little more complicated.

Epic Games and Samsung have a deal where owners of certain Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets can download and play Fortnite for Android beta before other Android device owners can snap it up from now until August 12. Here’s the list of products that are able to access, download, install and play the Fortnite for Android beta:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10E
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

If you own one of those above devices, you should first find the pre-installed Galaxy App Store on your home screen. Tap on it, and you should see a big Fortnite banner right on top of the store. Tap on that banner, and you will then be prompted to download the Fortnite installer. Or you can simply visit EPICGames Website to Download Fortnite Installer APK 4.0.2 Directly.

Download Fortnite Installer APK 4.0.2 for Android Samsung Phones

Fortnite Battle Royale Installer Game for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 8, S10

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Once you tap on the installer link, it should download quickly onto your Samsung device (the installer itself is just a bit over 4MB), and then the installer should automatically begin the Fortnite for Android download process. You may be prompted to give permission to access your phone’s storage before you can continue.

You should also keep in mind that the install of the game will take 1.88GB of storage space on your phone, so you should make sure you have enough free space on your phone’s onboard storage, or via your microSD card.

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