Download FooView Productivity App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Using mobile phones is always a mess. We spend countless hours every day to switch between apps and to do innumerable swipes and clicks just to launch a single operation. We waste all of our precious time in using smartphones which can be easily spent in constructive work.

Fortunately, we have an app named fooView which has made using smartphones, especially Android much less complicated. Using smartphones have never been easier as it is now using this simple app.

FooView Productivity App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Download FooView Productivity App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

fooView, short for float viewer, provides you a sort of semi-transparent type semi-circle icon on the edge of your Android screen with the aim of simplifying all the smartphone tasks for you. With this incredible application, you can translate the onscreen text with a single click, select a portion of the screen and create its image to share with your friends (just like screenshot but much simpler), accessing your files with a single swipe, launching your favorite apps with hand gestures and a lot more.

Float Viewer is simply a floating magic button which is a system enhancement tool to simplify the complex smartphone tasks. fooView make every task simple by saving 80% of your operations. You can do everything with a single hand gesture saving you all the hassle.

Following are some of the amazing features that this app offers:

Download FooView Productivity App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

1. Simple Actions to do complex tasks

Okay, so the simplest thing to do is use your single hand. With only one hand you can control gestures with this app. With a single click, you can select the word and translate it quickly. You can select, save and share a part of your screen with your friends. You can easily select a number and check where it is from and even quick dial it. Addresses can also be traced in maps by simple select. Moreover, you don’t have to use physical keys as with simple swipes you can go back or open the home screen. You can swipe up to open files, news or weather or floating window and swipe down to open notifications.

2. Powerful Application

Its power lies in its small size yet strong features. It has a floating icon which you can adjust on the screen according to your preference. You can also find a full-featured local and network floating files manager. It has a separate app manager icon, built-in viewers, downloaders and players. fooView also offers multiple search engines, gesture input, screen recorder, regional screenshot, and text recognition facilities as well.

3. Intelligent App

This app makes use of machine learning to give you the best features. To provide quick search, applications and web are sorted automatically, texts and gestures are recognized automatically. It also has several modes that you can personalize. The app is also adaptable to self-learning with usage.

Download FooView Productivity App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

fooView - Float Viewer for Android

If you are tired of spending hours on mobile phones for doing even the simplest tasks, you should definitely give fooView a try.

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