How to Bypass or Fix RMM State Lock on Samsung Android Phones?

Apple devices stands tall when it comes to fantastic security and privacy features. The Apple phones have Apple id, lost mode and many other interesting security features that thieves hate. However, Apple is not the only one concerned about the security of its devices and users. Samsung also leads the way by providing its users with security support.

How to Bypass or Fix RMM State Lock on Samsung Android Phones?

With this being said, in the name of security, Samsung introduced master security called RMM state during its January update. Yep, this update is killer for the people who are concerned about their device’s security and who want to customize their devices using Custom ROM.

So want to know what is RMM, how does it work and how to fix it on Samsung phones? We have you covered.

Remote Monitoring & Management RMM – The Ultimate Security Update for Samsung Devices

RMM stands for Remote Monitoring and Management State that prevents the phone to root, in case of theft. It also restricts the users to install any recovery or Custom ROM on the device. The major highlight of this stuff is that when it is active, it will not allow the phone to root.

How to Bypass or Fix RMM State Lock on Samsung Android Phones?

The RMM state allows the device to get more safe and secure. For example, your device is lost or stolen, the first thing thief will want to do is to reboot and format the whole device. This will activate the RMM state. The thief will then be asked to enter the details. The entered details will not be matched with the previous credentials and the device will get locked. Interesting, right?

However, it will be difficult for you to get your phone back if you have rooted it and forgot your details. Here’s how to Fix RMM State Lock on Samsung Android Phones.

Requirements to Prevent RMM State Lock on all Samsung Devices

If you are looking for this process is to happen, then make sure to follow the requirements further. Hope it will be useful for the users.

Devices we have tested this method are:

We have tested this method in the following list of devices and it got worked perfectly without any hassle.

  • Galaxy J7 Duo
  • Galaxy J7 Prime 2
  • Galaxy S9+
  • Galaxy S9 ·
  • Galaxy J2 Pro (2018)
  • Galaxy A8+ (2018)
  • Galaxy A8 (2018)
  • Galaxy J2 (2017)
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)
  • Galaxy C7 (2017)
  • Galaxy Note8
  • Galaxy S8 Active
  • Galaxy J7 V
  • Galaxy Note FE
  • Galaxy J7 Max

And we are sure that this method will work on every Samsung device and if you face any issues, just comment through and we will get you at the earliest.

How to Fix RMM State Lock on Samsung Android Phones?

Follow the following steps to fix RMM State Lock on your Samsung device:

1. In order to disable the RMM State lock on your Samsung device, visit “Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlock. Toggle it to disable. However, if the RMM state is active, it will be difficult for you to find the option.

2. You can also check the Uptime of the RMM State by visiting Settings > About Phone > Status > Uptime.

3. You can also boot into TWRP Recovery in order to recover your phone.

By following the above process, the user can connect the device to PC and get ready to move the RMM state lock fix zip to the phone with the help of MTP connection. Finally, you can choose the option “Install” and click the downloaded fix. The user can swipe to start the installation process.

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