[Solved] Fix Blurry Images on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

Samsung is known to provide the amazing quality camera to its Galaxy users and with the release of Galaxy S10, Samsung ensured that the users will have the best camera with perfect images and picture quality. Although Samsung Galaxy S10 is all great with incredible features and a plethora of amazing new technologies, it could not live up to its claims of providing the best camera and image quality to its users.

Hundreds of Samsung Galaxy S10 users have claimed that the previous phones have better camera quality producing crisper and sharper images. If you are also one of those users who are not very well satisfied with the camera performance of your new Samsung Galaxy S10, then you might be looking for a fix of those blurry images that your camera produces. Fortunately, we have a few fixes of this problem.

How to Fix Blurry Images on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera?

[Solved] Fix Blurry Images on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

Below are described four of the possible solutions that can help you fix the blurry images that your Samsung galaxy S10 camera is producing:

1. Alternative Camera Apps

If you are not satisfied with the original camera of Samsung Galaxy S10, you can simply try the alternative camera apps which are available on Play Store. Some of these apps are as follows:

  • Cymera: This is an incredible camera application which is available free of cost on Play Store. It is especially known to make your selfies perfect. So if you are not satisfied with the selfie result of your S10 camera then this app is a must for you. this app has a special photo editor as well which help you make your pictures perfect for social media.
  • Camera MX: It is one of the most widely used camera application in Android. This app has a number of options that you can use to capture a perfect image. The app is available freely on Play Store but some of the advanced features will be unlocked after purchases.
    Camera MX - Photo & Video Camera
    Camera MX - Photo & Video Camera
    Developer: MAGIX
    Price: Free+
  • Footej Camera: This app is another amazing alternative to the built-in camera of S10 with the simplest user-interface. It is also lighter than the stock app and is available freely on Play Store. You need a premium version for some extra great features.
    Footej Camera
    Footej Camera
    Developer: Semaphore Inc.
    Price: Free+

2. Gcam

Gcam is the Google Camera developed for Android and is considered the best solution for fixing blurry images on Android so far. Although Google Pixel devices are still on the verge of implementing a dual-lens setup but still it is the best in business. The hardware does play a role in image quality but it is Google’s sophisticated software which plays the most part. You can port this app to your S10 to enjoy its amazing features.

Google Camera
Google Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

3. Use Cases to Avoid Magnetic Interference

Samsung Galaxy S10 is not very expert in dealing with magnetic interference and noise while taking pictures which result in blurry images. You can avoid that by simply using phone cases that cancel magnetic interference and your image result will be much better.

4. Factory Reset

If all the above-described options fail for you, you can always reset your phone to factory settings. Clear the camera cache first and check if it fixes the issue. If not, do a factory reset but be sure to take a backup of your data as it wipes your phone clean.

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