Firefox ScreenshotGo App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Finding your saved screenshots can became a headache for you. But this trouble is now over. Because Firefox has just launched there Screenshot Go app for android. Firefox ScreenshotGo organizes your all screenshots in a very easy to find manner. The amazing thing about Firefox ScreenshotGo is that it gives you the ability of finding all of your Screenshots with text.

Download Firefox ScreenshotGo App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Firefox ScreenshotGo App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


The app is extremely user friendly and it presents you the simple overview of each of your screenshot which makes work a lot easier and quicker.

Save screenshots with Text

In Firefox ScreenshotGo, there is text scanner button available. By tapping on it, it will extract the text from screenshot and then the text will be copied for the other purposes like share quotes, search for product, open links etc. It works kind of like google lens. This save with text option also not only makes it easier to find the screenshot but also it helps to save the time. Which makes it a really power full tool.

Search option to find Screenshots faster

In Firefox screenshotGo app, the Screenshots will be automatically indexed with text and ready to be searched. In the search bar you will only have to type the key word and your desired screenshot will be on the screen in a snap. The most impotent thing to remember is that the screenshots which don’t have text will not be found in the search result.

Easy to use Interface

You will find a Go button in Firefox screenshotGo. It’s always ready to take screenshots whenever you need it because on every screen you will find it. Consider it your new best buddy from now. Many more ways are enabled to take screenshots for you with the help of this feature. When you open the app you have option of either to scroll down through your recent five screenshots in the quick section or to watch them individually in the collections.

Firefox ScreenshotGo contains persistent hardware key support and notification support. You can chose whichever settings best fulfills you needs.

Finding Screenshot is now Snappy

Your screenshots collection is on home screen. To find the latest screenshots you can use the option of scan. Firefox ScreenshotGo provides the feature of import to find your already existing screenshots which are available in the Gallery. Now this doesn’t mean that your screenshots will got duplicated. In won’t happen. That is why this app doesn’t requires that much extra space.

Share Your Work and Stay Organized

Some of the screenshot are that much good it just feels unfair to keep it only for yourself. That’s why in Firefox screenshotGo you have the option to share those screenshots with your best friends and buddies. So they also can stay updated. Once you take a screenshot in Firefox ScreenshotGo, It will gives you the option to sort it out into the collection defined by you. So you can always find your screenshots easily by going back at any time.

Download Firefox ScreenshotGo App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This app is available to download for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on Google Play Store.

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