FireFox Lockbox Password Saver App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Keeping track of all your passwords and username is a really a difficult especially when you move around without your desktop. It is kind of easy to login to your accounts effortlessly using your desktop computers, but what when you have to login using another computer or your mobile device?

Thanks to the Firefox that has made traveling with your passwords and usernames easy as hell. Just like you are used to make logins on your desktop, you can make them on your mobile devices easily, by using an app called FireFox Lockbox. This app, from official Mozilla brings a really secure way for the Firefox users to keep their passwords and login credentials safe and with them, wherever they go.

So want to know what this app is all about? Scroll down to read on.

FireFox Lockbox App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

FireFox Lockbox Password Saver App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Unlike a traditional password managing app, FireFox Lockbox is simple, functional and really easy to use. The app gives access to the passwords that you have already stored in your FireFox browser. You don’t need any extra setup or some heavy files to keep your passwords at one place. FireFox Lockbox is an ideal solution for people who want to secure their personal information, without any need to remember.

Here are some key features that the FireFox Lockbox App provide:

1. Retrieve Your Passwords on the Go

You don’t have to go through the hassle of resetting your passwords or locking out of your accounts, in case of forgotten passwords anymore, as FireFox Lockbox app is there to get you covered. The app allows you to easily retrieve your passwords on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other Android + iOS phones, so that you can log in without a hitch.

2. Take Your Passwords With You

Ever fall into a situation where you have already volunteered your account and can’t login into it? Well, this not only causes you trouble of resetting your password but also can make you locked out of your account with too many password attempts. FireFox Lockbox app allows you to save yourself from the hassle. You can take your passwords anywhere, with you.

3. Auto-fill Feature Support

In addition to that, the best thing about the FireFox Lockbox app is that it provides you with the Auto-fill password feature that not only saves your time, but also your sweat. You don’t have to go to that “saved cheat sheet” to see the password for a specific account. Instead, the app auto-fills the passwords to save your time and ass.

4. Trusted Security for Your Personal & Professional Credentials

The app comes with the top notch security features that allow you to keep your passwords secure and private like always. The app supports the fingerprint scanner and pin feature, so that you can keep your passwords safe and private. The automatic timer is a plus.

Download FireFox Lockbox App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Firefox Lockwise
Firefox Lockwise
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

So get this amazing app on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and travel with your passwords like never before.

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