Fire Balls 3D Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Perhaps, Games are the best options to choose when we are in state of boredom and have nothing to do. They just let the blades of Clock move more swiftly and make us totally unaware of the passage of time.

Today, in this post, we are going to talk about one such Game which holds all your senses and fills your free time from entertainment. It is Fire Balls 3D Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10.

Fire Balls 3D Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Fire Balls 3D Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Fire Balls 3D is a very funny and casual game available for Android Mobiles. Some people say it, “Single tap hyper casual game”.

1: Theme Of Game

You have to continuously to fire your ball. Make sure that you hit the stacks in front of you until nothing is left. But let us warn you it is not as easy as it sounds. Though goal statement is as simple as “Knock down the tower”.

2: Obstacles

There will be moving obstacles that will try to block your ball so be careful not to hit them.

3. Advancement With Levels

The obstacles will move faster and will be harder to avoid, as you advance the levels. You do not have to worry about finishing the game immediately, because there are many levels available. In fact, you will find it hard to stop playing. All the levels are challenging.

4: Different Themes

There are many themes available, to make the game colorful, more entertaining and more enjoyable to play.

5: Easy Installation

Fire balls 3D is very easy game to download and install. The game mechanics are very easy and intuitive, too.

6: Music

There is repetitive music in game to keep you entertained besides gaming, though some people find it annoying.

Some Gaming Tips

Fire Balls 3D is really difficult game  to score high. For your help, we are listing some tips to help you.

Fire The Balls From Anywhere

The game is designed with click-y simplicity in mind, so it can even extend to player interface. Do not just keep clicking the cannon to fire. It is okay to click anywhere else on the screen. In short, firing balls can be accomplished from all sorts of positions and with any finger you choose. So adopt the method which is most comfortable for quickly raising your firing finger.

Don’t Try To Play It Safe

There is no time limit. So, you can essentially fire through the gaps as carefully as you want. Yes, keep trying for long time is good, but there are other ways out.

You get bonus points for taking risks, scoring additional points for each “Near Miss.” Near Miss, basically bonuses stack, level-by-level, which makes them worth as you advance in the game. For example, 70 points at Level 7, 110 points at Level 11, etc.

You can achieve one Near Miss bonus by skirting the very edge of the rotating, blocking obstacle with rapid-fire. Another big reason to keep firing is power up.

How To Power Up

there’s an important gauge right on top of the barrel where your balls fly out, so watch the cannon closely when playing. Yellow meter will fill on top of your cannon, as you fire. Fill up the meter and as a result, lightning-bolt tab will appear on the left side of the screen.

If you want to fire a lightning bolt that destroys 10 levels of the tower in a single shot, click the tab.

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Download Fire Balls 3D Game for Samsung Galaxy Phones

FireBalls3D Game play

Fire Balls 3D
Fire Balls 3D
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free+

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