Fast Share is Google’s Android Beam Replacement (Fast File Transfer over WiFi)

Sharing files, photos and videos was quite a mess before the introduction of Android Beam in Android devices. Android beam was one amazing functionality to enable file sharing with the person sitting next to you in a much simple and easy way. But this feature is not available in Android Q’s developer preview. So how one can share files on this Android device? Is there any replacement available to achieve the same results as with the Android Beam?

Fortunately, Google is well aware of the importance and need for file sharing so the Android Beam feature is replaced with what is known as the “Fast Share” technology. 9to5Google broke the news of this reportedly similar local file sharing feature in the Files by Google app. It allows you to share local files, text snippets, and URLs with physically nearby users. This feature is available using the standard Android sharing sheet or through Settings > Google > Fast Share.

Fast Share – An Alternative to Android Beam

Fast Share is Google's Android Beam Replacement

Android Beam had few necessities which made it less desirable for the users and so Google replaced it with an even more reliable “Fast Share”. Android Beam required NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware to be installed in both the devices for the transfer to happen. This is not needed in Fast Share that is why it is adopted by Android Q.

There is no specific hardware installation required to use this Fast Share technology. However, you need a Bluetooth connection, access to location services and peer-to-peer WiFi. Moreover, both devices need to be physically close to initiating the transfer.

Another plus point for Fast Share technology is that it is compatible with smartwatches, Chromebooks and even iPhone.

Just like the Bluetooth technology, you will be asked to accept or decline the shared content through the notification making the file receiving much easier. Just like Bluetooth, Fast Share also includes a preferred visibility option which enables you to make your device visible to the nearby Fast Share enabled devices even when you are not active on the Fast Share.

Fast Share – A Road to Advancement

File sharing has never been easier with this new Fast Share feature from Google which is easily available on Android Q. Moreover, it is believed that this amazing feature is not going to be limited to just Android Q devices. Fast Share will be a Google Play Service feature which means it is going to be available to much older Android devices as well. Good news for the Android devices which are stuck on Oreo or Nougat update, you can use Fast Share feature from Google as well.

Android Beam is now a thing of the past. You don’t need an NFC to get a file from your nearby friend. Rather, you can use Fast Share and get your files within seconds. You will need to wait for this feature to become available as a software update or stand alone application and enjoy sharing files, photos, text snippets, and URLs to the nearby Android Fast Share enabled devices. Meanwhile you can check out Best Fast WiFi File Transfer Apps for Android Phones.

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