How to Enable FaceTime Video Calling on Android Samsung Mobile Phones?

First of all sadly, no Android user can use FaceTime since Apple has developed this video telephony product and they have made it exclusive only for their own devices. So basically you are out of luck if you want to use FaceTime on Android. But as you know that this article is about having FaceTime for Android not about Apple’s FaceTime.  There are some ways, with them you can get similar experience and functionalities as FaceTime on your Android Samsung smartphone.

How to Enable FaceTime Video Calling on Android Samsung Mobile Phones?

How to Enable Facetime Video Calling on Android Samsung Mobile Phones? 

But before that, we must share with you what FaceTime actually is and for which purposes you can use it. So without wasting any time, let’s move to the main thing.

FaceTime for Android Samsung Phones?


If you have ever used any video chat Application, FaceTime is quite similar to that. Basically through the means of supported devices, you can talk with other people wirelessly. And if you wish to see each other during the conversation, you can do that very easily. Despite the fact that you can use FaceTime on WiFi and cellular network both, it is not very much useful. Reason for that is, it is only limited to Apple devices. Which means the person with you want to FaceTime with must have Apple device, then FaceTime is not available in every Country.

FaceTime for Android?

Don’t get depressed if you have been told that FaceTime is only available for Apple. Because Google Play Store can fix that for Android users. There are thousands not hundreds of Apps available there which are similar to FaceTime, in fact some of them are carbon copy of FaceTime. We will mention the top 5 best alternatives of FaceTime for Android in our future post. But for now we have find a way with you can enjoy the experience of FaceTime on Android without installing any third Party App.

Do FaceTime on Android


If you are using a latest Android Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 then you can immediately enjoy FaceTime like experience with Google Duo. Because that came pre-installed on almost every latest Android phone. On the other hand if you are still using a smartphone that is running on Android 8 and older, no need worry. You can install Google Duo from play store. It is available there and it runs smooth, without any problem on every capable Samsung phone.

Google Hangout, The Best Alternative to FaceTime?


Google Hangout is the one Android App which is according to our research the best alternative to FaceTime for Android users. With just one tap the Hangout App by Google can turn any conversation into a free video call, even FaceTime doesn’t have a feature like that. You can talk one on one or invite from your friends circle up to 10 people for a group call. Google Hangout comes with far more capabilities and features then you expect. It is a pretty useful Android App for communicating with people.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Since the brand owns it and developed it, we are pretty sure that FaceTime will be exclusive to Apple, they will not release a version of it for Android. But anything can happen, we can only give our opinion based on our research. As we all know Android got Google Play Store on its back and they have a lot of developers, who have developed millions of different App. They can develop an App that could be Android alternative of FaceTime, capable of working without any country or smartphone brand restrictions.

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