Download YouTuze Pro Kids Parental Control For YouTube on Android Samsung Phones

YouTuze Pro is an Android App designed to allow parents to have more control over what their children are allowed to watch on YouTube. It is a very useful App developed for kids, since no other similar App provides you this much safety. YouTuze sounds a bit like you choose that exactly what you wanted to show to your kids, it is the best choice for parents yet. On YouTube there is a lot of stuff which is not appropriate for kids and the problem is that in the official YouTube App there is no practical way to filter that.

Download YouTuze Pro Kids Parental Control For YouTube on Android Samsung Phones

Download YouTuze Pro Kids Parental Control For YouTube on Android Samsung Phones

To save your kids from getting into that stuff you can install YouTuze Pro Android App on your Samsung phone. Please note that when used as parental control this App is designed to work with an Applock App, which means this will allow you to lock the normal YouTube App and the settings of the device.



YouTuze Android App come’s loaded with a lot of great features. Like YouTuze App can work without the official YouTube App installed or enabled. You can add content of your choice such as Channels, Playlist and Videos. There is also a unique feature which lets you shuffle videos of a channel or playlist. YouTuze App only shows videos in landscape mode, which is the best way to watch videos. You can put an optional password, with that no other person can add content or change setting of the App without entering it.

Pro Version


In pro version of YouTuze App for Android Samsung phones, you will get even more features and control. Apart from that there is no limit to number of channels, playlists or videos. There are some new features in the pipeline which will be added in future updates. It is a very useful App because of the reason that it can save your kids from getting exposed to all the junk on YouTube. The YouTuze Pro Android App lets parents choose every single video or channel which they wanted to allow for kids.

How it Works

Using YouTuze App is very simple but for you convenience we have also mentioned the procedure, just follow the steps defined below.

  • Got to Add Channels.
  • Search for your channel in the channel search.
  • Long press on your channel (touch the channel as though you are going to add it but hold your finger on it for longer).
  • A popup box will appear asking if you want to copy the channel ID to playlist filter.
  • Press yes.

That is it.

No Adverts (Accept YouTube)

While using the YouTuze Android App you will not get bombarded with unnecessary advertisements. There will be no Ads shown accept YouTube videos adverts, since they cannot be removed. You will also not be linked to a YouTube account. But you have the choice that if you want, you can add the playlists you have made public on your own account. You can edit all playlists on your own account on a computer and see them update in the YouTuze App installed on your Samsung smartphone.

YouTuze App doesn’t show comments or annotations in videos. The App’s size is very small with minimal required permissions. It runs perfectly on any Android Samsung phone without any bugs. Developers also time to time update this App to make it more user friendly, convenient and easy to use. If you want to add playlists only from your own account then you can go to the advanced settings and disable other playlists as well.

Download YouTuze Pro Kids Parental Control Android App For YouTube on Samsung Phones

If you want to download the YouTuze Pro Kids Parental Control App for YouTube on your Android Samsung Phone, then press the download button above.

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