Download YouTube Stream Music & Videos Android App for Samsung Phones

On YouTube you can not only stream every kind of videos but also listen music, recently YouTube has released a new Android App for the people who want listen or stream only music videos with the name of YouTube Music. This App allows you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new songs. Get playlists and recommendations served to you based on your context, tastes and what’s trending around you on your Samsung smartphone, with this new music streaming service from YouTube.

Download YouTube Stream Music & Videos Android App for Samsung Phones

Download YouTube Stream Music & Videos Android App for Samsung Phones

You can easily get YouTube Music App from Play store, since Google has Officially launched it for Android Samsung smartphones,Tablets and other compatible devices which runs Android.



YouTube Music Android App brings a lot of great features for the people who loves to listen music. Like you can easily find the albums, singles, live performances and official releases from your favorite artists. Even if you don’t know the name of the song just find it easily on YouTube Music App by entering the lyrics of describing it. Also this App provides you music recommendations based on taste, location and time of day. You can use the Hotlist option to keep up with what’s trending.

YouTube Music Premium


By upgrading to YouTube Music pro App you can listen to your favorite tracks without getting interrupted by Ads. It also can run in the background while you use other Apps, which means the music will not stop even when the screen will be locked. You can use YouTube Music Pro version App not only online but offline too, since you can download the songs you like or enable the Mixtape feature of the App. Which will automatically download the songs for you to listen without worrying about internet.

What’s New?


The interface of YouTube Music Android App is entirely different from the official one because of the fact that this App is specially developed for the music lovers. This App gets updates frequently by the developers to make the users experience better. Also Google has made an official announcement that YouTube Music App will come pre-installed on future Android devices. It seems like the company has plans to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music Android App.

Get One Month Free Trial


You can Stream or listen ad-free, offline and with your screen locked music absolutely free for one whole month then if you want to upgrade to YouTube Music App’s Pro version, you have to pay just $9.99 a month. Which is nothing if you compare it with the features you will get. Do remember that existing YouTube Red or Google Play Music members and users of either service, who have already received a 30 day trial are not eligible. The Monthly charges will auto-renew for Music Premium membership outside of trial periods.

There is no doubt that YouTube Music is bringing a lot to the table, but as we all know that it is not the only music streaming service in town. There are other services like Spotify with already well-established fan base, so the competition is quite tough. On the other hand YouTube has immense data base of Music which till yet no other Music service had. Then many people were using YouTube to listen or stream Music well before from the launch of YouTube Music App, so this App has an edge over other similar ones.

Download YouTube Stream Music & Videos Android App for Samsung Phones

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

If you want to download YouTube Stream Music & Videos Android App for Samsung Phones, then click on the download button above.

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