Download Samsung One Hand Operation+ Gesture Control App for Android Phones

Not long ago One Hand Operation+ App was released by Samsung on Google Play Store, with this App you can now use your Android phone or Tablet easily with only thumb. Thin gesture handles will be added to the left and right side of the screen, the moment you will set the function. By swiping this handle, defined functions will be executed. The default function is the Back button which most frequently used. You can also set various functions on horizontal, diagonal up and diagonal down direction gestures.

Download Samsung One Hand Operation+ Gesture Control App for Android Phones

Download Samsung One Hand Operation+ Gesture Control App for Android Phones

As you become accustomed to using short gestures, you can set up more functions on long gestures.  One Hand Operation+ Android App is without a doubt the best gestures App available yet for Android phones.

Features & Functions


One Hand Operation+ Gesture control App offers lots of great features and the developer’s team will provide additional functions upgrade in future as well. Currently with this gesture control App you can operate Back key, Home key, Recent key, Menu key, Previous App, Forward, web browser, Open notification panel, Open quick panel, Screen off, Flashlight, Assistance App, Screenshot, Floating navigation buttons, Pull screen down, One handed mode, Start Application, Task switcher, Quick tools etc.

How to Use


Depending on the size of hand, the thickness of thumb or the shape of the bumper case being used, various handle settings are provided to optimize gesture recognition in One Hand Operation + Android App. The handle will receive user’s touch above the running App, so as long as the gesture recognition is possible, it is recommended to set handle to be thin. In that way the App will perform as it meant to be, meaning now you can use your Android smartphone more conveniently.

Gesture Based Navigation


As we all know that Samsung has introduced gesture based navigation in the latest version of One UI, it seems like One Hand Operation+ App is the perfect complement to that. Including the interface and lock screen, this Android App allows you to completely redesign your Android phone. With One Hand Operation+ you can assign swiping gestures from each edge to specific keys or functions, which is a really cool thing to do. No other similar Android App for your Samsung phone provides this much functionality.



You can use One Hand Operation+ App on any smartphone which runs Android’s version 7.0 or above. Without having to reach too far this Android App allows you to hide your navigation bar and assign shortcuts to specific areas of your screen. In addition to that when the touch interference is severe with running Application such as game, you can set [App exceptions] in [Advanced Settings]. Then the gesture handles will not work when that App is running, to allow you uninterrupted gameplay. | 2.4 MB

In the previous versions there were some bugs like abnormal handler showing problem after running game or fix gesture vibration problem on Android 10 OS, but developers has resolved these issues in the current version of One Hand Operation+ Android App. Over all this App is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It is very minimal in size but capable at the same time. You can download One Hand Operation+ Android App for your Samsung smartphone by clicking the download button above.

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