Download Galaxy Note 10 Samsung DeX Client for Windows & Mac

Samsung DeX enables you to connect your compatible Samsung devices like Galaxy smartphone and tablet to an external screen such as a monitor or large format display for desktop like experience. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes equipped with Samsung DeX software built-in, so you can connect it with your Mac and PC directly to access your smartphone. You don’t have to carry your laptop with you anymore, Samsung DeX enables you to use any Windows or Mac device with your Galaxy Note 10 to do everything you need to do.

Download Galaxy Note 10 Samsung DeX Client for Windows & Mac

Download Galaxy Note 10 Samsung DeX Client for Windows & Mac

With Samsung DeX your Galaxy Note 10 smartphone is a computer in your pocket, from editing documents, taking notes and watching videos to running virtualized desktops with enterprise-ready VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions. You can do everything on your smartphone.

DeX Dual Mode


With Samsung DeX Dual Mode you can work on your connected monitor screen while using your phone to text, call or take notes at the same time. Which is a pretty useful and convenient feature to have. Samsung DeX Dual Mode lets you experience the whole new level of Multitasking. No other software or App offers this kind of functionality. Getting business done just got easier with the power of Samsung DeX.

DeX Mobile Desktop


Samsung DeX lets you and your team to travel light and you can make any place a work space. With a single cable to connect to a screen, a mobile device like Galaxy Note 10 becomes a desktop workstation so you can do more in large format. Also Samsung DeX lets you empower your personnel to switch from a laptop experience inside their vehicle. It ensures secure handheld data access in the field with a desktop like experience back at the station.

All Your Business Apps in One Place


With Samsung DeX, you can access familiar business productivity apps on the connected screen. From the full Microsoft Office Mobile suite to all of the Adobe apps for creative professionals, everything is well optimized for Samsung DeX with keyboard/mouse and resizable windows support. You can access these Apps and work on your project directly from your Galaxy Note 10 Smartphone, like you use to do from your laptop.

Accessible From Any Mac And Windows Device


You can use your apps, access files and get work done by simply connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note10 to your Mac or PC with DeX for PC.  With integrated Microsoft Office, OneDrive, gallery sync and Outlook pre-loaded on the Galaxy Note10, your smartphone works just like your computer. Samsung DeX takes the mobile productivity to a large screen so you can get more done, wherever business takes you.

Samsung DeX enables creativity with Adobe apps including Lightroom Mobile, empowering creative professionals to be more mobile. You can use multiple apps side by side with ease in the Galaxy Desktop as well, such as creating meetings and writing emails on multiple windows in the same screen. Consolidate hardware with Samsung DeX, so you have access to everything you need while in the field. Without having to go back and forth between devices.

Direct Download Samsung DeX for Galaxy Note10 Plus

You just need to have your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with you and that’s all. To download Samsung DeX client  for your Galaxy Note 10 on your Mac or PC right now, simply visit here.

Windows Version: SamsungDeXSetup.exe

Mac Version: SamsungDeXSetup.dmg

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