Download 5 Galaxy S7 Quran Shareef Islamic Apps

The importance of Quran in the lives of Muslims cannot be denied at any cost. This was the last book that was sent to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and that is the reason it is considered to be the worth reading book. With this, Muslims now can easily read and understand this sacred book without any hassle.

Now, technology has thrived so much, that now, we can even read Quran-e-Majeed on our smartphones. I am talking about the Islamic Apps through which we can read Holy Quran easily. Any guesses what I am covering in today’s topic? Yes you have got me right. Here is the list of Galaxy S7 Quran Shareef Apps for you. Prior to this article I had covered up Best Galaxy S7 Compass & Qibla Direction Finder Apps.

Download 5 Galaxy S7 Quran Shareef Islamic Apps

5 Best Galaxy S7 Quran Shareef Islamic Apps Collection

  1. Holy Quran App For Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

Do you want to recite Holy Quran on your smartphone without any hassle? Then this app is worth trying. The Holy Quran app can help you to recite the complete Holy Quran with the number of features that you cannot have with the real one. With this app, you can add bookmark of any page, have a resume option to the page where you left the last time, smooth and many more. This app als0 offers only 16 lines per page that is the standard format for a Quran.

Holy Quran (16 Lines per page)
Holy Quran (16 Lines per page)
  1. HOLY QURAN – القرآن الكريم App For Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

Next on the list of Best Quran App for Galaxy S7 is Holy Quran, that is one of the best on the Play Store regarding your needs. The app is just as same as the one in real with the real page turning effect, elegant style and neat font that allows you to read the whole Quran fairly easy. with this app, you can now read actual printed Quran without any need pf scrolling page up and down. Like the one above, you can also add bookmarks of any page and there is also a resume option for you. the app is worth trying.

  1. Read Quran Offline App For Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

Its name says it all. The app allows you to read the Holy Quran smoothly without any need of internet. Now you can easily and fast read the Quran even when you are offline, thanks to this app. In this app, the Quran is divided into parts and you can go to any page by adding separator.

Read Quran Offline
Read Quran Offline
Developer: Mohamed Hussien
Price: Free
  1. Quran English Translation App For Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

This app is next on the list that allows you the pleasant Quran recitation experience. This beautifully designed Quran App helps you to read and listen the Quran with the English translation. That means, the app is designed completely for the English speaking population. The app comes with the tons of features including Audio recitation, Urdu Translation, bookmarks, Go to, Sajdahs and many more. This free app is waiting for your download.

Quran Android Offline Free
Quran Android Offline Free
  1. Al-Quran (Free) App For Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

Another one of the most popular and beautifully designed Quran App is Al- Quran that comes with the loaded features at free of cost. The application comes with the table of contents and index that allows you the smart access to any surah you want. The app also offers the meaning of the words when you tap a specific one. This app is filled with the amazing features like the audio pronunciation of the difficult words.

Al-Quran (Free)
Al-Quran (Free)
Developer: ISYSWAY
Price: Free+

Which one’s your favorite Quran App for Galaxy S7? Vote in the comments below.

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